Review: Untouched by Maisey Yates

untouchedReviewed by Carrie

Lark Mitchell has been been cocooned by her family ever since her mother passed away when she was a little girl.  Raised by her brothers, she’s tried to do her part to help by being a quiet good girl.  Now, at twenty two, Lark wants more out of life beyond her family’s ranch and her computer screen but is terrified to take a step out of her safe world.  By extreme luck, she’s hired on as a computer guru at a ranch not far from home.  However, she discovers that the job isn’t really due to luck.

Quinn Parker has been gunning for a way to take down Cade Mitchell ever since getting falsely blamed and kicked out of the rodeo for the accident that nearly took Cade’s life.  So he knew exactly what he was doing when he put out a bid for a computer job for his ranch retreat for wayward kids and sent his right hand man, Sam, to go undercover at the Mitchell ranch – to find out if Cade was faking and get the information to clear his name at any cost.

When Lark discovers that she’s signed a contract with her family’s mortal enemy, she’s ready to hightail it immediately but stops short when Quinn reminds her of the contract she signed.  Determined to be an adult and not involve her brothers, Lark agrees to continue working.  During this time, she gets to know Quinn a little more and finds that he is not what she thought and she very much likes what she sees.  Quinn sets out to seduce the naïve girl, but ends up surprised when the tables are turned on him.

Lark is young and naive but not in a simpering virginal way.  She’s intelligent, driven and speaks up for herself.  She’s able to look at herself in the mirror acknowledge her limitations but not be held back by them.  Even when she was hurting, she had a very practical view; as if to say, I asked for experience and this is just a part of it so I’m going to get through this and grow.   It’s this kind of self-confidence that made Lark a pleasure to read.

Quinn, on the other hand, will be a polarizing character for a lot of readers.  He definitely starts out as every inch the bad guy.  He’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.  A product of an extra-marital affair, he was shunned by his parents, got into scrapes with a law and found himself in the rodeo.  Quinn was pegged for Cade’s accident because he was the bad sort and ever since then he’s played right into it.  He’s angry and broody and plain no-good.  It takes a whole lot for the light bulb to finally go off that he doesn’t have to live this way and that’s all due to Lark’s gentle hand.

The mix of these two was sweet but not in a cloying way.  Quinn gave her a taste of life and freedom and in return, Lark helps him to heal.  There is nice juxtaposition with a side story of Sam and Jill who, while at the Mitchell ranch, work to reconcile their marriage.  I really enjoyed this book and love this author’s voice.  I’m looking forward to Cade’s book to see if he ends up with his best friend (I hope so!)

Grade: B+

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by Maisey Yates
Release Date: January 21, 2014
Publisher: InterMix

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