Review: Waking Up Married by Mira Lyn Kelly

waking up marriedReviewed by Shelly

Does everything that happens in Vegas have anything to do with drinking too much? It might not, but let’s just say that it’s a good place to start. Megan Scott is in Vegas as a bridesmaid in her cousins wedding. She’s the least adventurous one in the bunch and while in the middle of the bachelorette party, the ladies lay down a challenge to Megan – go talk to the cute guy at the next table. After a few too many martinis there’s nothing to do but go over and do the deed. Connor Reed is the cute guy at the next table. He’s a bit of a jerk but he’s cute. He and his best friend Jeff are sitting, enjoying a few cocktails along with the view, next thing you know Megan has walked over to Connor and is now explaining the challenge she’s taken. What’s a nice guy to do but play along?

Yes, this is a ‘what happens in Vegas’ story along with a bit of the girl meet guy, but it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed one as much as I enjoyed this.

You know when you wake up from a bad (or good depending on your perspective) night and you look around and don’t know where you are or what happened the night before? Well, not everyone might, but just go with me here. Then there’s the whole thing about being lucky you didn’t go off with Ted Bundy. Again reader, just go with me that this wasn’t about those ‘friends’ of hers letting her walk off drunk with some guy she (nor they) knew. Put those thoughts out of your head and suspend reality and just enjoy. I’m giving a pass on those things because I thought the story was cute.

When Megan wakes up drunk, sick, and with alcohol induced amnesia, she’s just as freaked out as she should be, so that part was credible and made me put aside all that stuff I just talked about. Connor’s nice guy actions set the tone for the rest of the story and I found myself flipping the pages to find out more about this guy and his motivation. I liked both of the characters from the start. Megan is a people pleaser –not to her detriment– which was good because no one like a doormat. She does know when to keep her mouth shut unless she wants all of her business making the family rounds. She’s already had a few life lessons about that. I like angst and there was enough of  it in Megan, and Connor too, to satisfy that quirk of mine. What really surprised me thought was that I, too, agreed with Megan’s responses and feelings toward Connor because really what does she know about this guy she just met and ends up married to?

I liked Connor a lot actually. Remember when I told you he’s a bit of a jerk? Yeah, he is. There’s a scene with him and Megan and his ex-fiancé that perfectly explains that. He definitely knows what he wants, no excuses, and it’s what Megan can give him – a wife who’s not going to fall in love with him and ruin a perfectly good relationship. There’s the requisite baggage from his past that makes him think that’s a good idea. He kept telling himself and Jeff that there’s no way that he needs anything more. It’s so much fun to watch when the strong ones fall. One of my favorite scenes is when he gets mad for the first time and he wants to lay down the law – priceless!

Between these two, the chemistry worked well. There was some burning up of the sheets that might make the average girl blush – not me though I liked all of it. Connor’s bedroom talk is top notch. Even the secondary characters worked for me, especially Jeff I wouldn’t mind reading more about him.

If you’re in the mood for a quick, fun, steamy read – this is for you.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B

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Waking Up Married
by Mira Lyn Kelly
Release Date: December 1, 2012
Publisher: Harlequin KISS

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