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crossing the lineReviewed by Shelly

By far, this is my favorite story in the series and definitely my favorite from the author. What sucks about this is that it took me 2 months to figure out that it was published – I really need to do a better job of keeping in the know about these things. Juliet and Romeo’s (book 2) story impressed me and I wasn’t sure that Kele Moon would be able to keep up her storytelling skills. I was pleasantly surprised that she did. Wyatt and Tabitha’s story is that good.

Former MMA fighter Wyatt is umpteenth generation town sheriff and has been since their father died. Before I start giving away plot lines – this story is tied to the previous installments in the series. You can read this as a stand-alone, but I will confidently say that you’re not going to know the back stories for many of the returning/recurring characters and knowing the back stories will make for a much more enjoyable read. Pretty much all the characters that’ve been featured in the other stories are in this one.

Hands down, Wyatt’s my favorite hero. He’s an honest guy (for the most part), still in love with the girl from his youth and absolutely adores his family, including his by-choice brother Clay. The things that others might consider weak, I consider strong because these are the things that he fights for, and Wyatt’s not always a fair fighter. His continued love-hate-love-hate relationship with his twin makes for some of the funniest and endearing scenes. The way that he and Clay beat each other silly was at times a little jarring, but what’s MMA if not merciless. Even the interaction between Romeo and his siblings made me chuckle because I could see them giving the stink eye to each other – I was giddy with the amount of testosterone those two gave off.

Wyatt and Tabitha’s history is a long one that I had fun learning about. The pace of the story slowed down a bit in the getting to know you phase, but I thought it was great because this was a story with some sex scenes and not the other way around. That’s so refreshing nowadays. The only thing I’m not sure of was the vocabulary of the kids back in junior high – it seemed a bit mature, because I really don’t remember having that kind of vocabulary at that age. And the violence that Wyatt and Clay exhibited – holy smokes those guys came out of the womb fighting. Let me not be sexist – Jules could hold her own too because yes, her ‘daddy raised her strong’. I enjoyed the youth filled challenges and angst from all the kids but especially Tabitha and Clay. Ladies (and gents) even tough guy Clay (book 1) has his place in their history and certainly not in the way that I initially thought.

Coming home after 13 years isn’t an easy thing and it’s a whole lot harder when you’ve not talked to the husband you left behind. If she didn’t care about him that would have been different, but she clearly loved him –and he, her– regardless of the time and distance. While I read Tabitha’s story, I couldn’t understand her choices but the more the story developed between her and Wyatt, the more I understood her choices. I can’t ask for more than that because the writing brought me over to her side and I had nothing but empathy for her plight. What a burden to bear either way. Tabitha’s family – talk about not having her back – what a bunch losers and bullies, simple as that; I couldn’t even dredge up the least bit of sympathy for that so called mother of hers. They weren’t even the bad guys, well done!

On to the good stuff – I think my retinas and my imagination are forever tainted with the scorching love scenes between Wyatt and Tabitha. I’m not even going to call them sex scenes because these two only had eyes for each other and that never changed even through their separation. That’s the part I wanted more of – what Tabitha’s time away from Wyatt and Garnet was really like. In the end, that took away zero enjoyment; now I want you to put this down and go get a copy of this series – you won’t be sorry.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B+

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Crossing the Line
by Kele Moon
Release Date: November 12, 2013

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