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matter of choiceReviewed by Shelly

I had high hopes for this story. The blurb sounded so interesting because the conflict was already established. I wish that was the case with the actual story. Amnesia wasn’t the conflict. The behavior of that husband of hers was and I wish that Shannon was able to deal with that a whole lot better than she did. The first 60% was just mind-numbingly detail oriented, making it slow and tedious. Fellow readers, I’m talking about the descriptions of every action of Shannon’s daily life. It was too much frivolous information that didn’t advance the story line.

Shannon Winters’ marriage to her husband, Greg, is hopelessly falling apart since his car accident two years ago. The accident left him suffering the ravages of total amnesia. He didn’t remember her before their marriage and he didn’t remember her after the accident, but he sure remembered a few things like drinking and having sex with everyone but his wife. It’s been twenty years since Triston Keyes has set eyes on his high school sweet heart, but he’s not forgotten her. After so many years apart, his continued guilt over their break up and his inability to move on drives Greg to book a room at Shannon’s upscale hotel.  His intent is good – he just wants to apologize and move on. Now doesn’t that sound promising? I thought so.

I’m not sure what about her marriage that Shannon thought was worth saving. I’m not sure what research would explain Greg’s bad behavior. I say that because Greg’s post-accident personality, according to Shannon, was 180 degrees from his previous life. Greg’s turned into a bit of a jerk, more like an asshole really. But what else do you call a man whose fundamental personality changes? I’m talking about moral and ethical changes. That flagged my ‘BS’ radar immediately. So then I started questioning Shannon and her martyrdom. This marriage and husband that you’re committed to and love so much – why haven’t you told anyone else especially his caring family what he’s doing? You’re just going to lie down and take what he’s dishing out without asking questions? I didn’t understand that part at all because with such a serious diagnosis, his loving family is mentioned but never heard from. I get to know everything else about Shannon but nothing about her relationship with her in-laws of more than ten years or even her own family and the support system that she would fall back on to help cope with Greg’s behavior. What kind of person was she that she only had one friend?

Greg was actually my favorite character. He was the perfect bully and his behavior towards Shannon was entertaining. Yeah, he was a jerk but he was an interesting and even entertaining jerk. Even when he and Shannon had their first and only heart to heart conversation/confession – I was surprised he was able to hold it together and not bust out with a maniacal laugh.

I’m not sure what to say about Triston. I mean he went to Shannon’s hotel to apologize to her but he was also toting along his girlfriend which I’m okay with– but then when he finds out about Shannon and her husband, he makes a move on her. My mouth dropped in awe when that happened – because all I could think was that he should at least dump the girlfriend first. He was good though because he said all the right things to get Shannon going and she would buy the lines until she remembered, that oh yeah – this is the guy who told me he loved me then broke up with me because he found some legs that looked better than mine! I didn’t like either of these people – because clearly Triston is a fickle guy who’s looking out for the next best thing and disguising that by reuniting with an ex doesn’t change the fact. And there’s Shannon who keeps making bad choices with men and not learning any lessons at all.

Shannon’s best friend Lauren reminded me of that saying about never telling your single best friend how good or bad your husband is. Did she deserve what she got, no but when you lie with dogs you’re always going to get fleas.

Last, I wish the resolution wasn’t so convenient and the ‘I love you’s’ didn’t happen so suddenly. There’s no sex in this one.

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Rating: C

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Matter of Choice
by RM Alexander
Release Date: January 21, 2014

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