Review: Cipher by Moira Rogers

cipherReviewed by Jen

This is the couple we’ve been waiting for… the carrot on the string for several books now. Finally, it’s time for Kat and Andrew to break through the walls between them and get their long awaited HEA!  The story does just that, and while I liked it, I will admit I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the journey.

As the story begins, we find out Kat is researching her mother’s history, looking for clues to her past and information about the powerful psychic gift passed down through the family.  She gets an email offering her more information, but only if she brings along Julio or Andrew for the meet.  Of course, she tries Julio first and –of course– it ends up Andrew who serves as her backup instead. This finally puts the two of them in the same orbit for the first time in the year or so since he was turned into a wolf.

The events that take place during the journey –and after– put Kat in grave danger.  I won’t get into the details. But as she and Andrew spend time together, they finally move toward a relationship.  Here’s the thing that bothered me, though.  It was too easy. Obviously there are roadblocks and massive issues to get over.  But it was like someone flipped a switch and one day Andrew is avoiding Kat like the plague and the next, he is ready to get physical.  Why now?  Because Alec told him to? People have been telling him for months to go to her. But now he gets the message?  It seemed so arbitrary.

Then, I felt like there was a little revisionist history going on.  Suddenly, Kat bears some blame in the werewolf attack. She has guilt and Andrew has anger, because she got scared.  What?  She should have known better. What?  They have to forgive each other. Wh…?  Both characters accepted equal blame, so I guess I am supposed to feel like they had an equal role in staying apart? No.  Both characters talk about how maybe they weren’t really ready before, so it’s really better that they had this year apart and slept with other folks? No.  Kat’s so glad she’s not a virgin, so she can enjoy the sex more, and therefore we have another reason why it was good they’ve been apart. (*pulls hair out*)  –I think you get my point.

Don’t get me wrong.  This book was definitely not a crushing disappointment or anything.  It was angsty and action-packed.  We get to spend more time getting to know the secondary characters featured in the next couple of books.  Specifically, Julio and Sera are set up nicely.  The sex is hot, as you can bet the bank on with Moira Rogers.  And the end is satisfying.

It just wasn’t quite the romance I expected.  I wanted to get inside Andrew a bit more. I wanted him to regret (really regret) how he has kept Kat at arm’s length all this time.  And I feel like we are moving away from the core characters that I love in the series.  They’re in Wyoming and New York and I miss them.  I’d like some storyline that truly brings the old gang back into the fold, instead of just a random video call or a quick reunion.  But, the new characters hold their own. And I will definitely keep reading to find out where the story takes us next.

Rating: B/B-

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by Moira Rogers
Release Date: September 6, 2011
Publisher: Samhain

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