Review: Crazy Stupid Sex by Maisey Yates

crazy stupid sexReviewed by Carrie

This is another novella from Cosmo’s Red Hot Reads that I really enjoyed.

Evie may be a programming goddess but when it comes to men, she is completely out of her element.  Thanks to a new job developing an app for a magazine to help women get their groove on, Evie sets out one night to test its merits.  Using her brain, Evie tries the methods she’s devised on a few men to no result.

Caleb walked in the bar with his usual goal in mind: to find a bed partner for the night.  The prospects for the night were looking boringly the same when he watches an amateurish but pretty woman strike out with three different men.  Caleb decides he’s in the mood for different when he approaches Evie.

Evie screws up her courage and propositions Caleb, which he is all too happy to agree to.  Evie may be a bit inexperienced in the bedroom due to a lackluster 10 year relationship, but she is eager to try new things.  Caleb doesn’t belittle her at all and appears to genuinely want to help her.   Both are bluntly honest and understanding of the one night stand.   Then, Evie gets the shock of her life when Caleb shows up at her office.  Apparently, one night was not enough for each of them.

I really liked both Evie and Caleb.  Evie is a strong woman who accepts and isn’t afraid to push herself out of her comfort zone.  She really is a perfect foil for Caleb, who hides behind his playboy attitude more out of fear than actual opinion.  I had to laugh when Evie pointed out her confusion as to why she reacted positively when Caleb said “douchey” things.  Sometimes we don’t understand why things turn us on, they just do.  Most of all, I loved when Evie called Caleb on his crap and flipped him double birds.

Caleb was more of a so-so character for me.  I liked him but I felt like he under-developed as a character.  Given the constraints of a novella-length story, I understand why.  I did like when he was together with Evie as I felt like she brought out the best in him.

The sex scenes were tight and hot with Evie giving Caleb the reins.  There’s some very light bondage and dominating that really worked well.  I could’ve easily read a full length novel of the couple.  The author always adds a nice emotional angle to her stories that I appreciate.  Another win for Red Hot Reads!

Rating: B

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Crazy Stupid Sex
by Maisey Yates
Release Date: February 11, 2014
Publisher: Cosmo Red Hot Reads

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