Review: Falling Light by Thea Harrison

falling lightReviewed by Jen

I had hoped that after I got thoroughly acquainted with this premise and word-building in Rising Darkness, I would come to love this Thea Harrison series as I do her Elder Races books.  While I found I enjoyed this installment more than the first, I just can’t connect with these books the same way.  This is well written and the pacing is much better this time around.  But I think my problem is an inability to connect to the premise on the most basic level, and to some of the characters as well.  Essentially, we’re talking about spirit aliens, reincarnation, and Lucifer all rolled into one.  And while I enjoy SFF with the best of them, it didn’t ring my bell.

The story picks up right where the last one left off, in the wake of an epic battle involving Michael, Mary, and the Deceiver.  Our villain is off licking his wounds, while Michael and Mary are trying to make their way to Astra.  These two are soul mates, but there is so much wariness between them.  I had hoped that when these two came together in the last book, it would be a turning point.  But Michael runs hot and cold –mostly cold.  His background gives him great potential to be the pent-up, stoic hero who opens up for the woman who loves him. But he is so closed off.  I didn’t feel the emotional connection between these two.  And they’re SOUL MATES.  There is even a hint of a love triangle and I found myself contemplating whether I might enjoy a scenario involving Mary and Nicholas.  This does not speak highly of the integrity of the core romance.

Beyond that, I couldn’t relate to Astra. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to, seeing as she is an ancient alien that can talk to lakes and elements.  I felt like the Lucifer tie-in was out of left field. And the romantic conclusion left me tepid.

It wasn’t a bad book. Harrison really is a great storyteller, but even if this series didn’t feel over, I think I would be done with it.  I’ll just wait patiently for the next Elder Races book and be satisfied with that.

Rating: B-/C+

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Falling Light
by Thea Harrison
Release Date: February 4, 2014
Publisher: Berkley

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