Review: Geek with the Cat Tattoo by Theresa Weir

geek with the cat tattooReviewed by Janell

I don’t usually read novellas because, if they’re good, then I just want more. I made an exception for this book (it’s 162 pages, is that a novella or a short novel?) because I like cats and geeks, and other reviewers really liked it.

Emerson works in a music store repairing instruments. He’s nursed a crush on one of his customers, Lola, for a long time. But Emerson is painfully shy, and he can barely stammer out a few words when she comes in to have her father’s guitars repaired. Lola misreads this and thinks that Emerson hates her, but her father won’t have his guitars repaired by anyone else.

Enter Sam, a cat who can put thoughts into people’s heads. Sam has just been evicted by his Third Owner, because Third Owner suspected that the cat was a little on the freaky side. Sam finds Emerson outside of a bar and thinks the old chap could use a little assistance, so Sam follows him home.

Emerson is a nice, mellow guy, and he brings his new cat to work the next day so that he can get it some food. Lola comes in, and suddenly Emerson is having a conversation with her about music! Lola suspiciously invites Emerson to her and her father’s performance later, and Emerson accepts, almost against his will.

The narration alternates between Emerson, Sam, and Lola, which was good because I did not want an entire book narrated by a cat. Emerson comes across as very unsure of himself about everything except music and his affection for Lola. He runs hot and cold in Lola’s presence depending upon his confidence level, which is boosted by the presence of Sam. Lola is charmed by Emerson and enraged by him.

The writing style is almost poetic, given that it has so much to convey in so few words. I felt like an observer of a sweet romantic movie. Gestures by the characters were fraught with depth and meaning, and they took the place of narration that would more directly describe emotions.

So, it was very sweet. Slightly unbelievable, even without the addition of a mentally persuasive cat, but sweet. I still prefer full-length novels to give me all the feels, but this was a nice interlude.

Rating: B

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Geek With the Cat Tattoo
by Theresa Weir
Release Date: December 9, 2013

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