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professional 3Reviewed by Jen

Well, no one can call Kresley Cole a light-weight when it comes to love scenes.  Not that she ever disappointed me before.  But here she takes it to an entirely different level.  It’s not my brand of kink, but I can recognize hot sex when I see it. This is H-O-T. But the sex aside, I had some issues.

From the moment the curtain rises in chapter one, Natalie and Sevastyn take their physical relationship deeper and deeper into the BDSM world.  He is pushing her, with equal hope that she will embrace it or turn away.  He believes himself –and his desires– beneath her. With every push he expects to prove it, and then be able to treat her with the kid gloves he thinks she deserves.  Natalie has other plans. She jumps in with both feet.  She meets every sexual demand with enthusiasm.

The thing is, that while Natalie enjoys the sex, she isn’t doing it for the physical pleasure alone. She is trying to prove herself to Sevastyn.  She thinks that by showing herself his match in the bedroom, that she will somehow break through his impenetrable exterior.  That he will let her in.  She is mistaken.

Despite the fact that I don’t enjoy reading BDSM, that wasn’t what ultimately bothered me about the book. It was the way Sevastyn treated Natalie outside their sexual relationship.  The way he shut her out. The way he dismissed her. The way he lied to her. The way he believed his domination in their sex life allowed him the same power all the time.   It came to a point that I questioned why she stayed… that I wanted her to leave.

Of course, there is a turning point.  But while the big climax hit the expected notes, I wanted more. I wanted to spend more time with the Sevastyn that let Natalie know him. I wanted more exploration of his vulnerability.  I wanted more of what we saw in the Epilogue.  There was just so much build to get me to the point where I stopped wishing to kick him in the ‘nads, that I barely got to appreciate him afterwards.

I don’t know. It’s sexy to be sure.  Sevastyn is very sexy and he definitely hits my tortured hero buttons, but he ultimately frustrated me more than he lit my fire.  And Natalie came off more like someone trying to prove herself to land a hot man than a woman exercising the power of her own sexuality.  She tries so hard, at times, that her desperation turned me off.   Maybe this all ties into the BDSM stuff, which I generally avoid. The dynamics that bothered me most happened outside of the bedroom, but most do still tie into D/s themes.  If that doesn’t bother you (or if it lights your fire) you will probably really enjoy this.

Rating: C+

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The Professional: Part 3
By Kresley Cole
Release Date: January 20, 2014
Publisher: Pocket Star

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