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Review: Rule by Jay Crownover

ruleReviewed by Carrie

This is one of those books that had been sitting on my kindle forever.  I admit I jumped to conclusions about yet another good girl/bad boy new adult novel.  I was a bit of a wild child in younger years and I think because I never was the ‘good girl’, that trope just tends to ring cliched and boring to me.  Yet, every once in a while, an author can make it work and when that happens, it’s such a joy to read. [Read more…]

Review: Ball & Chain by Abigail Roux by Jen

I love the Cut & Run series, but I’ve heard some readers were disappointed in this installment, which made me a little worried about how it would play out.  I actually enjoyed it, but I understand why those fans were dissatisfied.  The series is almost over.  And with just one installment left, this book focused as much on Nick O’Flaherty as it did on Ty and Zane.  For readers looking for more payoff on the core romance, there are only pieces of that here and there.  Instead, the story focuses on a murder-mystery plot with all the relationships in the background. [Read more…]

Review: Shock & Awe by Abigail Roux

SHOCK AWEReviewed by Jen

I am such a fan of Abigail Roux’s Cut & Run series, which is now drawing to a close.  When I found out she was branching out into a spinoff featuring two of Ty’s Sidewinder buddies, I hoped the magic of Ty and Zane would live on in Nick and Kelly.  I have to say that I got at least some of what I was looking for here, but not quite all of it. [Read more…]

Review: Queen of the Darkness by Anne Bishop

queen of the darknessReviewed by Jen

I thought for sure that this installment would be the book that launched this series into the stratosphere of epic-awesomeness where my book friends would rank it.  Alas, I am doomed to be the odd man out here.  I can definitively say I do not love this series.  There were things I liked, characters I cared about.  But whatever it is that makes other reviewers swoon, simply escapes me. [Read more…]

Review: Need You Tonight by Roni Loren

NEED YOU TONIGHTReviewed by Shelly

This is my first novel by Roni Loren. As book 4 in the Loving on the Edge series, I’m not sure this was the best place to start. One of the things I wish I had prior to starting this book was a content warning – BDSM, m/f/m, m/m/f (not between the H/h), exhibitionism/voyeurism and role playing including a slave scene which made me so uncomfortable that I glossed over it. So consider yourself warned. I’ve recently read a few of these stories where the heroine didn’t have a history in this kind of lifestyle and I’ve yet to find one where I truly understand the woman’s motivation for getting in to it. But then again, maybe I’m not supposed to. [Read more…]

Review: Third Degree by Julie Cross

third degreeReviewed by Janell

I enjoyed this book so, so much. I’d had a stretch of not loving books for a while, and was worried that I was too jaded to really enjoy something. But then I met Izzy and Marsh, and I got all the feels, and I was in a book coma afterwards, not wanting to start anything else because it would tarnish my happy thoughts.

Izzy is an 18-year-old genius. She was home-schooled for a couple of years, then did Stanford online high school, started college at twelve, then went to medical school. She was on a Dr. Phil show about child prodigies. When the book begins, she’s finishing up her surgical internship, which is a training year between medical school and residency. [Read more…]

Review: Unwound by Lorelei James

unwoundReviewed by Shelly

There’s a lot about this story that was good. It was fast paced, the dialogue was very good and the characters were interesting. But even with all that going for this story, I didn’t especially care for either Amery or Ronin. And it’s not because they were not well written. They were very interesting characters with a very interesting story to tell; it’s too bad for me that they were just two people who I could neither empathize with nor could I really see myself being friends with. This is the second book in the James’s Mastered series and it’s also the conclusion to Amery Hardwick and Ronin Black’s romance. If you’ve not read the first story, this is going to have spoilers for that one because it’s the same characters and the same story line – consider this your only warning. [Read more…]

Review: Between the Devil and Ian Eversea by Julie Anne Long

between the devilReviewed by Jen

Not every Pennyroyal Green installment is created equal, but this book reminds my why I enjoy the series so much.  It’s fun reading.  The hero and heroine have this entertaining and complicated dance that’s equal parts courtship and warfare.  Neither wants to want the other, but the attraction –the pull– between them is so strong, that fight against it is futile.  There is great tension and satisfying sex.  And underneath it all, two people who have never let their masks slip… until now.

Ian Eversea is a rake of the highest order.  He conquers a woman, only to move on to the next. He never buys them gifts; never spends the night; never trifles with an innocent.   [Read more…]

Review: Smokin’ Hot by Lynn LaFleur

smokin hotReviewed by Shelly

I’ve read Lynn LaFleur in the past and have enjoyed her work for the most part. Unlike a lot of anthologies where we experience different authors works, this is all LaFleur and reads as a follow up to her ‘Men with Tools’ series. I didn’t read any of that series, so I can’t compare either characters or plot. Unfortunately for me, all three stories in this book are more about the sex than the romance because I didn’t see romance in any of them. [Read more…]

Review: No Ordinary Mistress by Robyn DeHart

no ordinary mistressReviewed by Shelly

This novella is the first in Robyn DeHart’s new series – Masquerading Mistresses – and tells the story of spies Emma Masterson and Remington ‘Remy’ Hawthorne, Earl of Latham. Emma new assignment is to pose undercover as Remy’s mistress during an investigation. This story had me within the first few pages and just kept getting better. I must say that I enjoy the style of this author – the dialogue is fun and the plot builds well. [Read more…]