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bedding the wrong brotherReviewed by Shelly

Some may say that the friends to lovers concept is easy to do, but when friends to lovers stories are bad they can be really bad. This is was not case here. Virna DePaul has a new fan because she can write the heck out of this type of story. Color me shocked and happy when she snagged my attention in the first chapter.

Melina Parker grew up around twins Rhys and Max Dalton. She’s had a crush on Rhys for as along as she can remember because even though the twins are identical, Rhys is much better looking to Melina. He does what so few have been able to do for her, make her feel safe and wanted. Rhys and Max are the sons of magicians. They travel a lot as part of the act, but they still keep in touch with their hometown friend Melina.

I liked this story a lot. There’s no big storyline or a big family secret. There’s not even a car chase or one of Rhys’s old girlfriends to shake it up a bit. Instead, it’s a simple idea told very well. Melina has always been a bit –how shall I say this– reserved. Her last boyfriend told her that she’s not a passionate person and the only way she’s going to be able to get and keep a man is to please him in the bedroom. Well, Melina is certainly no shrinking violet so she (wo)mans up and ask her good friend Max to help her out by giving her a lesson in ‘how to please a man’.

Max knows that there’s something between his brother and Melina but he hasn’t found a way to get them together, until now. Plus, he’s trying to make up to Rhys for a past sin. The bedroom scene where Melina is waiting for Max is the turning point in Melina and Rhys relationship and the way it was done was not cheesy but completely believable. Here’s why – she wears glasses and can’t do contact because of dry eyes. You might baulk and say – oh no way, they make stuff for that. The thing is, Melinda is an entomologist so the avoidable strains on her eyes have to be minimized. If you look at small objects all day long, you can appreciate the fact that contacts and dry eyes don’t go together. Back to the story. So she’s in the hotel room and Max has already given her instructions on what to do, so the glasses are off and have fallen to the floor after being aimed to a chair. Now considering these guys are twins and she’s barely seen Rhys for the past 10 years and it’s dark and she’s had a few drinks to relax her – yeah, it’s possible that she might not know she’s getting jiggy with the wrong twin brother.

Rhys on the other hand is so excited that Melina has finally come to him, he’s thinking with the wrong head and just goes along with it. I don’t mean to come off jaded here – but he’s a guy and he couldn’t seem to help himself when Melina offered the you know what. That scene set the pace for the rest of the story.

Melina is a bundle of nerves with a nice side of angst. She’s rightfully nervous about not only being able to please Rhys; after all, she’s competing with the glamour that not only the road offers but the ladies that want to sleep with the guys because of their fame (those groupies are something else).

Rhys just wants Melina. He’s wanted her since she was 16, and it’s never gone away. The way he dealt with Melina and his patience with her was fun to read. He’s a good guy just trying to do right by the woman of his dreams. Can’t blame a dude for trying.

I especially enjoyed Rhys interactions with his brother and their parents, they were good and they conveyed a well-roundedness about him that was compelling to read.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

*ARC provided by author via NetGalley

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Bedding the Wrong Brother
by Virna DePaul
Release Date: December 15, 2010


  1. Thank you for reviewing Bedding The Wrong Brother. I’m really glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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