Review: Feel the Rush by Kelsie Leverich

feel the rushReviewed by Janell

This is the story of Reed, an adrenaline junkie/military skydive instructor/damaged guy, and Meagan, a woman who is about to turn thirty and is really upset that she’s not married with kids by now.

When Meagan’s best friend Eva gets transferred, Meagan decides to follow her to a new state. Meagan is a nurse at a VA hospital, so she’s able to transfer her job and start over. Her goal: no more dating exciting and dangerous men, no more casual sex. She’s looking for Mr. Safe so that she can meet her gender-specified life goals by her arbitrarily-assigned deadline.

Reed turns out to live in the apartment next store. Not only that, eight years ago he and Meagan had a one-night-stand, and now he doesn’t even recognize her! Meagan tries to keep her distance because he is the exact opposite of a safe bet, but Reed is charming and persistent. When she reminds him of their past, he remembers every detail, so there’s lots of flirting.

I liked both characters. Reed was funny, sweet, and he explained his need to “feel the rush” very well. Meagan was too hung-up on her birthday deadline, but otherwise she was pretty tough and sensible.

I was fascinated by their lifestyle. Reed had free evenings and weekends, Meagan worked three twelve-hour shifts a week, so they had a lot of leisure time. They spent that time boating, rafting, hanging out with friends and drinking. This is me viewing them through my own filter, but it seemed very carefree. They didn’t seem to have any other responsibilities. Reed had done tours in Afghanistan, so I could understand his all-play attitude, but Meaghan seemed content to do nothing unless someone invited her somewhere. Maybe I only noticed it because I have kids and I haven’t seen that much free time in years. I’ve become That Woman who says “enjoy your free time while you have it.” I would have liked to see Meaghan have a little more purpose to her lifestyle, especially since she was so anxious to become a mother.

I mentioned the boating and drinking, so I have to mention the beer can incident. They’re sitting on some floaty thing in a lake. Meagan asks Reed if he wants another beer:

Reed emptied his beer into his mouth then submerged it into the water, the can filling up before sinking below the surface. “Yep.” [Advance review copy page 244]

Did you see him just litter right there?! Did you see that?? Don’t we judge people by how they tip their waiter, whether they return shopping carts properly, whether they recycle, or if they just throw their damn beer can into a trash can? I can’t even.

So. The sex is hot. Reed litters. Meagan makes stupid decisions, and then an annoying plot twist happens, and tertiary characters help put everything back together. I was on board for three quarters of the book and then I got a little eye-rolly.

Rating: B-

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Feel the Rush
by Kelsie Leverich
Release Date: August 20, 2013
Publisher: InterMix


  1. I’m enjoying this series. I bought the novella that comes next and I have book 3 from NG.

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