Review: Rule Breaker by Lora Leigh

rule breakerReviewed by Jaimie

Rule Breaker is the latest instalment in the popular Breeds series by Lora Leigh.  Often times with long running series, the story gets stale and it is difficult to remain interested. That is not the case with this series.  This book did a lot to move the overall arc forward, while giving us a satisfying, steamy hot couple.

Gypsy Rum McQuade is a woman on a mission to atone for a sin that was never really hers.  Believing she was at fault for the death of her brother and hero, Gypsy keeps emotional and physical distance between her and everyone in her life.  On the surface, she is a party girl who lives a flirty, carefree life.  She works at the family image consulting business, helps out at the family bakery and answers phones for Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Offices.  Dig a little deeper and you find that Gypsy has been working secret missions gathering information for the Unknown.  Thought to be a fairy tale or myth, the Unknown is said to consist of six warriors who are chosen to protect what is most important to the Navajo people.

Rule Breaker is one of Jonas’ most trusted enforcers who is set to become the Division Director in Window Rock.  After he and his brother Lawe Justice witnessed the horrific death of their mother and her mate, Rule has sworn to never take a mate.  He goes to the extent of adding in a clause to his work contract allowing him to run should he ever start to feel mating heat.  Rule’s lion recognizes its mate immediately, but knowing the man will run, it bides its time.  With danger all around Gypsy, the lion is determined to protect its mate, while the man fights for the woman he loves.

Rule Breaker was a fast paced story that brought us resolutions to some situations, a few answers to questions and of course some big cliff hangers.  There are still so many characters that haven’t had their own stories and rather than getting bored and wanting a new series, I cannot wait for each breed book. Ms. Leigh ended this  book on a perfect note that will have you anxiously checking her website to see when the next one is coming.

I loved Gypsy and I really enjoyed seeing that softer side of Jonas outside of his mate and his child.  Rule’s determination to not take a mate was completely understandable and watching him struggle with the subconscious knowledge that his lion had claimed Gypsy, made for a great story.  It was easy to figure out who the person was that betrayed Gypsy’s brother, but that did not lessen the enjoyment of the book for me.  As usual for a Lora Leigh book, the sex was smoking hot.

One thing that stood out that I really enjoyed about the book was that the primary focus wasn’t on the mating heat and the effect of the heat on the couple.  Yes it was there, but in some of the books the overall storyline took a back seat to the heat and in this one I thought they were balanced perfectly.  The mate  trope is one that I love so I don’t get tired of that, but there is a lot going on with the Breeds and I was happy that the stories moved forward.

Overall a great addition to the Breeds series.  Cannot wait for the next one!

Rating: B+

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Rule Breaker
by Lora Leigh
Release Date: February 4, 2014
Publisher: Berkley


  1. I have this one on audio to review. But I’ve not read the two before it but I’m thinking of skipping them so that I can listen to Rule Breaker. I’m glad to see that the story arc moves in this one. The last couple I’ve read in the series seem to have just been fun porn to read. LOL I want a little more plot development.

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