Review: What a Woman Wants by Judi Fennell

what a woman wantsReviewed by Janell

A hot guy loses at poker to his enterprising sister, who then requires him to join her maid service for a month. Sweet! I liked the premise of this book, but the style was ultimately too whimsical for me.

Sean and his brothers are all hot and rich. Sean wants to get even more rich by turning properties into bed & breakfasts, and he has his eyes on one particular old mansion. His sister’s company has a contract to clean it, and when the old woman who owns it dies, Sean takes the cleaning job so he can plan and scheme for his future.

Livvy is the free-est of free spirits in all the land. She wears camisoles, gypsy skirts, and combat boots. She lives on a commune with goats, alpacas, dogs, and sheep, and she makes money by selling homemade organic baked goods at a farmer’s market. She is also the sole heir of that very same mansion that Sean is after.

The thing about Sean is, he’s really sexy. And his maid uniform includes really tight pants, which are made even tighter by the presence of Livvy in all of her tumbling hair, body-skimming tops, lip-biting glory.

The thing about Livvy is, she really hated her rich dead grandmother. She felt abandoned, hated, her entire life, which is why she made her own animal family on the commune. She wants to sell the property and be done with it.

The catch is, Livvy’s grandmother left a scavenger hunt behind. Livvy must find all the clues within two weeks, or else she won’t inherit. Not that she wants the house, but the money would help her buy more goats and things, so she enlists Sean the hot housekeeper to help her find the clues. This forces them to spend time together, staring at each other, imagining every spoken word to be an innuendo, feeling the pants tighten, the moisture pool, all of that.

Interspersed with the scenes of physical longing are scenes of Livvy’s animals destroying the house. The author did a fine job describing the action, but it felt very slapstick. Plus, the various animals were named after the Beatles, and the Monkees, and movie characters, and I felt like I should find that adorable but instead I found it tiresome to keep track of them all. The animals pooped on things, chewed on things, and chased each other. I would have been over it, but luckily Sean grew to tolerate it.

If you like comical books with animals and a lot of thoughts about what kitchen counters can be used for other than fixing food, then this is for you. I was too flustered by the external business to enjoy myself, unfortunately. I might be too much of a grump for this book.

Rating: C+

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What a Woman Wants
by Judi Fennell
Release Date: March 4, 2014
Publisher: Berkley


  1. Sounds like I would feel the same way as you if I were to read this book. I do enjoy this author’s humor though. Nice review 🙂

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