Review: Fighting for Irish by Gina Maxwell

fighting for irishReviewed by Shelly

I’m a fan of both Gina Maxwell and her ‘Fighting for Love’ series. Don’t we all get a little nervous about the stories within series and their likability? I’m glad I read this one because I actually liked the heroine better than the last story. I found Vanessa’s sister, Kat, much more complex than I did her. If you’ve not read any of the others in the series, that’s not a must.

Unlike some of the other stories I’ve read that revolve around the sport of MMA, this series is about active fighters. These guys are in no way retired and are young for the sport and are actually at the heights of their careers. MMA fighter, Aiden ‘Irish’ O’Brien is doing a favor for his best friend, Jackson ‘Jax’ Maris, and his fiancée, Vanessa MacGregor, by traveling from Boston to Louisiana in search of Vanessa’s missing sister Kat. Owing a debt that wasn’t hers, Vanessa is on the run from guys who are willing to hurt and maim. She’s been working in a seedy little bar in a small Louisiana town and saving as much as she can to repay the debt. Irish’s charge is to find Kat, keep an eye on her and report back to Jax and Vanessa – that’s it. Somewhere along the line, Irish gets to know the fiery redhead and his instinct for protecting her gets in the way of his primary mission.

After leaving home at a very young age, Kat has been on the go since then. She’s in her mid 20’s and doesn’t know how to stop running. She’s not seen her sister since leaving home and she barely talks to her when she they do speak. The only concession for communication that Kat has ever allowed her sister is a cell phone that only Vanessa knows the number to and that phone only ever gets used when Kat calls Vanessa – which is very rare. That piqued my interested in Vanessa’s story and I wasn’t disappointed in the way that Kat’s story unfolded. She has demons, a lot of them and it’s sad. Readers, I must warn you that there is childhood sexual abuse. Maxwell does a good job of giving voice to Kat’s feelings during that time and even now on how she’s coping. There’s so much that can be said about that, but not today and not in this review.

I enjoyed Kat’s character a lot. The more I got to know her, the more I liked her. One of the things that I appreciated about her character was the way that she reacted sexually to Irish. Considering her past, Maxwell didn’t have her dropping either her guard or her pants for Irish and his tats. It took time and lots of talking and even when it did happen it wasn’t pretty. I liked that Irish paid attention to Kat’s actions and stopped when her body language clearly said what wasn’t working for her. Thanks for that.

Irish is a tattooed and pierced specimen of eye-candy. Here’s the thing folks, I don’t like a lot of tattoos nor am I a fan of piercing. Now with that being said – Maxwell modeled Irish after model Adam Von Rothfelder, I had to google because I had no clue who this guy is. He’s pretty, that’s for sure but the way I read Irish, I didn’t see the connection other than the ink but then again I don’t usually get caught up on the aesthetics too much. I’m in it more for the heart and mind and I liked both in Irish. He’s flawed. He’s known pain – mental and physical. He knows what it’s like to love and to have lost. These are the things that made him a likable guy. His self imposed punishment was icing on the cake because the angst from that was good. His innate need to protect Kat against what he was willing to reveal to her helped turn the pages.

As we slowly but methodically get to know the danger that surrounds Kat, Irish gets more and more involved. The secrets start getting exposed. Lives are threatened and somewhere along the line Irish is back in the ring literally fighting for his and Kat’s future. This was a roller-coaster of a ride and the plot kept getting better. The progression of Kat and Irish’s relationship was fun and sexy – remember when I said that Irish paid attention to Kat’s body language? His answer for that makes for some fun stuff. I was satisfied with them as a couple and the way that their HEA happened.

I’m hoping that the British gets his story told next because the words that come out of his mouth should be a at least a misdemeanor.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B

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Fighting for Irish
by Gina Maxwell
Release Date: January 13, 2014
Publisher: Entangled Brazen

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