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perfectly brokenReviewed by Shelly

There are many ways that stories guide me on whether I want to read them. It could be a familiar author, genre, categories, etc. On that rare occasion, I’ll read something that’s outside of my norm because the blurb is so engaging. Even then it’s not a guaranteed hit but this time it was. I read the blurb for this story and took a chance and I’m so glad because this was one of the best stories that I’ve read.

The systematic progress Peyton and Reed’s story as a couple along with their own personal journeys was a welcome treat. Other than a few (I’m talking minimal) editing errors that I read, this self-published novel was an absolute delight to read.

After a sexual attack during college that left her physically broken, Peyton Mayfield is still suffering with the memories and feelings of helplessness. At 26, she’s living the life that has become so familiar to her that she can only remember her old carefree life through pictures in an album. She’s going to her weekly therapy sessions and has figured out a way to be a functional member of society. One day while she’s being visited by her friends at Adelaide’s – the pie shop she’s owns – in walks Reed Langston. Peyton can spot a player when she sees one and the description fits Reed to a “T”. Reed’s on the verge of turning 30 and is finding that his relations with the ladies aren’t providing the usual level of satisfaction. Unfortunately for Reed, Peyton isn’t falling for the noise that he’s spouting and she calls him on it – all of it.

The dynamics between these two was great. I liked Peyton from the first page while she’s at her therapist’s office. I could empathize with her thinking and the body language and style of dress that she’s adopted. The way that she carried herself was so well conveyed I could visualize the surrounding through her eyes. One of the things that I thought was brilliant of Prescott Lane was that she kept Peyton true to herself. She never, not once, acted out of character and I liked that because let’s face it – this is a story about an everyday person dealing with her small pocket of the world. Her ups and downs are not going to be interesting to anyone but her and Lane somehow made them interesting to me.

Reed was the epitome of the rich boy with the daddy issues. The good thing was that he knew it and it didn’t rule his world and prevent him from enjoying the time that he had with Peyton. As both Peyton and Reed’s voices were clear I was able to get a good understanding of where Reed was coming from and I couldn’t fault him for his issues or the choices he made. There’s was very little, if anything, I didn’t like about him. His treatment of Peyton was welcomed and his willingness to be patient with her was deliberate and felt good. I appreciated that he never pressured her about their sexual relationship. I’m telling ya folks – there’s something to be said about a story taking it’s time to work through the process of making a relationship make sense when there’s a history of sexual assault. I’m not sure I can say enough about how well that worked between Reed and Peyton.

Want as we may, it’s not all smooth sailing for these two. There are some things that both characters have to work through; yes, it’s different that most couples would have as part of their past but this is where faith, trust and patience comes in. I enjoyed both of them and the struggles that they endured to not only be together but stay together.

The secondary characters, especially Quinn and Bret both added interesting dimension to the plot. Here’s another plus if I’ve not convinced you by now – Quinn was a good best friend. There was nothing about her that wasn’t Team Peyton. I’m kinda sorta hoping that Quinn’s twin Griffin will get his story told. Lane, if you’re reading this – yes, that was a shameless plea.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: B+/A-

*ARC provided by author

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Perfectly Broken
by Prescott Lane
Release Date: March 25, 2014


  1. Prescott Lane says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome review.

  2. Great review, Shelly! Adding to my TBR

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