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perfect together_front mech.inddReviewed by Jaimie

Perfect Together is the third book in the Serendipity’s Finest series by Carly Phillips.  In Perfect Fling we were introduced to Nicole Farnsworth, the identical twin of the woman who was stalking and trying to kill Erin Marsden.  In a case of mistaken identity, Nicole is arrested and the sparks fly between her and police officer Sam Marsden.  Fast forward a few months and Nicole has broken off her engagement and relocates to Serendipity for a fresh start.

Sam Marsden is the only single sibling left now that his brother is happily married and his sister Erin is settled down with a husband and a child.  After his high school sweetheart ditched him on their wedding day for his best friend, Sam refuses to let any woman get close to him.  Despite his insistence that he is not looking for love, he is unable to deny the sizzling chemistry with Nicole and the two agree to a no strings attached relationship.

Growing up with parents that are cold and unfeeling, Nicole has always stayed in the shadows behind her twin sister Victoria.  Gathering up her courage, she ends things with her fiance who happens to be the son of her dad’s business partner, and packs her life up.  Despite the havoc Victoria caused in Serendipity, Nicole found a sense of contentment in the small town.  The smoking hot Sam Marsden adds to the appeal of the town but she makes the move to find herself, and pursue her dream of opening her own bakery.

The first person Nicole encounters when she arrives is the bubbly, spunky Macy Donovan.  I love Macy and I’m hoping we get a novella for her story, but in this book she provides the female friendship that Nicole has always longed for.  Macy has her own story that happens throughout and it is closely linked with the primary plot.

Shortly before making the big move, Nicole overhears a conversation between her father’s business partner and their accountant.  From that, she discovers that he has been laundering money through the business for the Russian mob, and Nicole is torn about how to handle the situation.  Her ex-fiance’s dad insists that his son head to Serendipity and “persuade” her to come home.  Although Tyler realizes he was not happy with their relationship either, he fears for Nicole’s safety and sets out to try to get her back.

Sam and Nicole embark on what is supposed to be a casual relationship, but both find themselves feeling more than they intended to.  When it becomes clear that her life is on the life, Sam steps in and does what he can to protect her – all while denying his feelings.  Yes these storyline’s can be predictable, but in this case both the hero and the heroine had issues to work through so it wasn’t a typical one-sided, the man is clueless story.

Perfect Together is fast paced with smokin hot sex and I loved both Nicole and Sam.  There is no information on Ms. Phillips’ website  that indicates there will be any further books in the series, but I really do hope we at least get a novella for Macy.  It would also be great if Victoria eventually gets stable and moves to Serendipity and we had the chance to see her story.  Overall it was a great book and I hope this series isn’t over!

Rating: B+

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Perfect Together
by Carly Phillips
Release Date: February 4, 2014
Publisher: Berkley

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