Review: The Thirteenth Sacrifice by Debbie Viguié

thirteenth sacrificeReviewed by Jen

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, and you don’t mind your Urban Fantasy dark and bloody, you may want to give this book a try. In my opinion, it straddles the line between UF and horror, with a healthy dose of mystery/ suspense and just a dash of romance. The body count is high and our main character adds to it quite a bit, as she goes undercover in a powerful coven of witches, who are using human sacrifice –something bad– in order to ultimately do Something Worse.

Let me back up. Samantha was raised in a powerful coven that crossed the line into evil and destructive magic when she was a child. Their last big endeavor was to raise a demon, and at 12 years-old, Samantha was the only one to escape that night alive. She ended up in a good adoptive family, with a new name and a commitment to honor God and stay away from magic. She’s now a detective in Boston, doing her best to help people. And things seem to be ok, until a rash of bodies start showing up with a link to the occult.

Samantha’s captain knows her history and he pressures her into the undercover gig. Samantha wants no part of it. She’s afraid of her own power, her suppressed memories, and how this could blow up the new life she has created. But ultimately, she realizes that no one else is equipped to take on these killers and stop their endgame, so she returns to her hometown of Salem and resumes the identity she gave up as a child.

Folks die. It’s bloody and creepy. The magic is dark and this whole thing could make a heck of a scary movie. I thought the mystery was good. I liked following Samantha’s efforts to break into the coven and unravel their plans. I liked the addition of Anthony, the love interest, who lost a family member to witches and now is on the hunt for revenge. And I liked Samantha and her inner struggle with doing things she knows are wrong in order to defeat those things she knows are worse.

It wasn’t perfect. I thought the Good vs Evil of Christianity vs Other was a little heavy handed. I also thought that after a slow build, the big climax resolved a bit easier and faster than I would have imagined. But overall, I thought it was a good book. I am interested to see where the author takes the series from here, and what else Samantha uncovers as she continues opening the doors to her memories inside her mind.

Rating: B

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The Thirteenth Sacrifice
by Debbie Viguié
Release Date: April 3, 2012
Publisher: Signet

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