Review: Surrender to Temptation by Lauren Jameson

surrender to temptationReviewed by Shelly

There’s so much I want to say about this story and none of it is good. 24 year-old Devon Reid has just moved back to Cambria after finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman. I should have suspected something when she didn’t even confront the boyfriend to give him a knuckle sandwich. Instead, she quits her job and moves. After meeting a stranger her first day back in town, Devon is immediately smitten by his smoldering eyes and joie de vivre. Turns about that Zach is the billionaire owner of Phyrefly Aviation and he’s set Devon up with a job, considering she’s new in town and all.

Devon and Zach have sex, in his car, on her first day on the job. You can see why the people in the office might be suspicious of her. She knows that Zach’s clearly out of her league but she just can’t help herself. And Zach immediately starts off with his controlling ways (and short sentences — i.e. ‘come here’) that Devon just can’t resist. He keeps up the cavemen mentality until I had to start laughing because it was so ridiculous. There was nothing about either of these characters that I liked, zero zip nada.

I don’t know if Devon’s age had to do with anything, but that girl had the worst case of ‘the more you’re nasty and cruel to me the more I’m going to have sex with you and proclaim my love.’  She was absolutely useless and I couldn’t dredge up the least amount of sympathy or likability for her. Even at her job, she couldn’t function because her entire world was focused on this non-relationship with Zack. There were more offs than there were ons in their sex life and it definitely wasn’t a relationship. Every encounter they had, sex was involved. Zach kept telling Devon that he wasn’t in it for a relationship, but then he’d call and tell her to meet him somewhere and she’d go running, walking, hopping along every single time.  Yet she would be be hurt when he would reject her. That got tiring about 30% of the way into the story and it’s about then that the entire story just fell apart and there was no coming back.

Zach was one of the worst characters I’ve ever read. He was a complete and total jerk throughout, and he never redeemed himself in my eyes. He treated Devon as an object, never explaining anything that he’s doing. There was no discussion. It was his way or the highway. He’s knows she a neophyte in his lifestyle choice and without knowledge or experience, and I was disappointed to see that part of their relationship never evolve into anything that was mutually beneficial. I have proof of that – there’s a sex scene where Devon is clearly uncomfortable and her thought is that if she says no, he won’t want to be with her any more. I’m calling Bacon Sandwich on that.

I have to tell you about this one scene and then I’ll shut up. Devon’s ex-boyfriend finds her at her new job and confronts her, basically wanted her to come back. She decides to hear him out and sits with him because she also has something that she’d like to get off her chest. When Zach finds them together he does his typical caveman act but what’s even crappier is that even though they’re not together he punishes her, in the next scene that happens to be sexual, because she didn’t think about how it would make him feel. Dear readers, smoke came out of my ears considering how that man treated her like dirt before that.

You would think that with all this BDSM that at least the sex scenes would be good. They were anything but. They felt forced and almost like there was a checklist of sexual scenarios that needed to be checked off. I don’t know what to say other than if you’re a fan of this kind of writing – go for it. If you like a story that had a heroine who will stand up for herself, this isn’t going to satisfy you.

Happy reading folks!

Rating: D

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Surrender to Temptation
by Lauren Jameson
Release Date: April 1, 2014
Publisher: NAL

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