Review: Bound By Her Scent by Kara Swynn

BOUND BY HER SCENTReviewed by Shelly

This novella (about 34 pages in my ePub version) from Kara Swynn is my new guilty pleasure. This fun, sexy read based in the shifter world was perfect for the break that I needed from some of the longer books. Ally Benson is a researcher for the Twin Canyon shifters; she’s also slightly in-love with Alpha Ryker Black. Ally is asked to instruct a most unusual in-service, for continuing education purposes, of course, to all the alphas of the pack but Ryker finds out. Can these two find their own HEA or will Ryker’s obstinacy keep them apart?

I liked Ally. It’s hard to find a BBW story where I like the heroine because she’s not annoying and/or a whiner. Ally definitely is neither. She’s liked Ryker for quite a while but she was certain those feelings weren’t reciprocated and not for the obvious reason either but oh how wrong she is.

Ryker was a fun alpha male. Not too egotistic. But I did question (I know – why question it?) how a pack can have so many alphas and no betas, but once I let that go, I enjoyed it. The chemistry between Ally and Ryker was hot. The tension was plentiful even for a novella. There were enough secondary characters to easily continue this as a series and I’d gladly read them too.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B

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Bound by Her Scent
by Kara Swynn
Release Date: March 24, 2014

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