Review: Frisky Business by Tawna Fenske

frisky businessReviewed by Carrie

Earlier this year, I enjoyed Tawna Fenske’s book Marine For Hire.  I liked Fenske’s light and humorous writing and was hoping that I would get the same in this story, which is billed as a romantic comedy.

Marley Cartman is done with all men of means; from the ex-fiancé who wouldn’t give up his cushy life so that she could further her career to her father who insists that Marley needs a man who can keep her in a comfortable lifestyle.   Marley decides that with the move and new job, she’s also going to seek out a new kind of man.  Marley thinks dating a blue collar man will be the answer to her romantic problems. 

When she runs into a gorgeous man at an animal shelter and later shares a heated kiss, Marley thinks she’s found her man.  Unfortunately, that man turns out to be William Barclay III.  Not only is Will extremely wealthy, but he’s chairman of the board of her non-profit which has a strict no-fraternization rule among board members.

Will is very attracted to Marley, but is overly suspicious of women since his ex-wife left him for his sister.  Marley’s job as the director in charge of getting folks to donate, requires to her to be a chameleon of sorts, which doesn’t help Will’s trust issues.  Marley and Will agree it’s best to keep things platonic.  However, as much as they try to stay away, they are drawn back to each other.

This was a lighthearted no-brainer read.  Marley and Will had an easy going fun vibe to them at the start.  The silly banter between all the characters was fun… up to a point.  It’s like that joke that everyone laughed at the first 15 times but after the 20th it gets annoying.  Will had some pretty heavy duty issues that he was obviously still working through, but he never discusses this with Marley.  The underlying tension was very apparent in his relationship with his sister, Bethany, even though Will proclaims her his BFF.   Marley was a pretty decent heroine even if her sweeping judgment of wealthy men had a sketchy basis.    Her revolving door of blue collar men would have been better if they weren’t such negative characters.

There are no surprises in this book and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Sometimes you just want an easy book that you can just zone out on.  I would recommend this one as an fun light beach contemporary with characters that are just a bit over the top.

Rating: C

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Frisky Business
by Tawna Fenske
Release Date: May 6, 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

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