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Chapter One

A blank is the only thing I draw well.



“A girl, a mocha latte, and a naked dead man walk into a bar,” I said, turning to the naked dead man sitting in my passenger’s seat. The elderly naked dead man who’d been riding shotgun in my cherry red Jeep Wrangler, aka Misery, for two days now. We were on a stakeout. Sort of. I was staking out a Mr. and Mrs. Foster, so I was definitely on a stakeout. No idea what Naked Dead Man was on. Considering the fact that he looked about 112, probably blood thinners. Cholesterol medication. And, judging from the state of his manhood, which I couldn’t stop seeing every single time I turned toward him, Viagra. If I were to hash-tag that moment, my status would read something like #impressed.

I gave him two thumbs up, then looked back at the house again, happy to be sitting in Misery. The Jeep, not the emotion. I’d just picked her up from the car hospital two days earlier. She’d had several surgeries to fix her broken girlie bits because a raving lunatic rammed into her. He’d knocked her into a state of mangled disrepair and me, as I was in the driver’s seat at the time, into a state of oblivion. I stayed in that state long enough for Mr. Raving Lunatic to cart me off to a deserted bridge to kill me. He failed and died in the process, but Misery had paid a high price for his nefarious machinations. Why did bad guys always try to hurt the ones I loved?

And this one had succeeded. Misery was hurt. Bad. No one wanted to work on her. Said she couldn’t be saved. Said to give her over to the scrap yard. Thankfully, a family friend with a body shop and a few incriminating photos, which just happened to have found their way into my possession, agreed with great reluctance to try.

Noni kept her for two long weeks before calling to tell me that he’d almost lost her a couple of times, but she’d pulled through with flying colors. When I got the green light to go pick her up, I tore out of my apartment so fast, I left a dust trail behind me, along with a flummoxed best friend, who’d been telling me about the couple in 3C. They were apparently newlyweds, if their energy to do it—her words—all night every night was any indication. I hurried back to her, however, because I didn’t have a car and I needed a ride.

When we picked up Misery, Noni tried to tell me everything he’d had to do to her to get her up and running, but I held up a hand to stop him, unable to bear it. This was Misery he was talking about. Not some random Wrangler off the streets. This was my Wrangler. My best friend. My baby.

Holy cow, I needed a life.

I had to hand it to Noni, though. Misery was good as new. Better than I was, anyway. Ever since that night, I’d been having problems sleeping. I suffered from debilitating nightmares that left me screaming into my pillow, and I jumped every time someone dropped a feather.

But at least Misery was okay. Like, really okay. It was weird. Her cough was gone. Her sluggish response time was no longer an issue. Her reluctance to wake up in the mornings as she sputtered in protest every time I tried to fire all engines was nonexistent. Now she started on the first try, no groaning or whining, and she purred like a newborn kitten. How Noni had managed to fix her insides as well as her outsides I’d never know, but the guy was good. And Noni was my new best friend. Well, after Misery. And Cookie, my real best friend. And Garrett, my kind of, sort of best friend. And Reyes, my. . . my . . .

What was Reyes? Besides the dark and sultry son of evil? My boy toy? My love slave? My 24/7 booty call?

Well, yes.

He was all those things, but he was also my almost-fiancé. All I had to do was say yes to the proposal he’d written on a sticky note, and he would be my fiancé for reals. Until then, however, he was my almost fiancé.

No, my soon-to-be fiancé.

No! My nigh fiancé.

Yeah, that’d work.

I turned back to the naked dead man, stuffed a couple of Cheez-Its into my mouth, and confessed my latest sin.

“I’m just kidding,” I said through the crackers, regretting the fact that I’d tempted him and now had no follow-up. No punch line. “I don’t know any ‘girl, mocha latte, dead man’ jokes. Sorry to get your hopes up like that.” He didn’t seem to mind, however. He sat staring straight ahead as always, his gray eyes clouded and watery with age, oblivious of my charm, my clever repartee, and my intellectual wit. He was ignoring me!

It happened.

“Cheez-It?” I offered him.

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  1. Rhiannon says:

    My favorite thing about the series??? Um, only one? Lol here’s my list #1 – Reyes…hot damn I love that sexy man. #2 – Charley and her hilarious way…I find myself constantly laughing out loud at her antics and sarcasm. #3 Cookie – I need a BFF like her! Shes awesome!!! #4 – pretty much everything else 🙂 Hands down my favorite series out there!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I love Charley’s sarcasm. It’s just so funny. I find myself laughing all the way through the books.

  3. Definitely Charley’s snark! (I’m still made about her Dad, though!)

  4. An amazing series and an amazing author-love Darynda Jones and Charley Davidson series-*raises hand* -I’ll take ONE shot of Reyes to go please!!!!

    Thank for the giveaway

  5. Viki S. says:

    It’s fun. Charley is a bit sarcastic and I love it :).

  6. I love this serie. Charley, I love his humor, she makes me laugh every time.

  7. Nelta Mathias says:

    Thanks for the chance…
    I love, love this series…Charley is one funny Grim Reaper and Reyes, well, oh my!

  8. Nelta B Mathias says:

    Love this series….Charley is such a funny funny Grim Reaper and Reyes…is just hot!
    Thanks for the chance!

  9. Samantha says:

    Best thing about this series to me is the relationship between Charley and her best friend. We should all be so lucky to have a bestie like Cookie.

  10. Amanda Brown says:

    I love the ability that this series has to make me laugh. I sit there reading with the biggest smile on my face.

  11. Northwoman says:

    I love Charley’s sense of humor and how sexy Reyes is.

  12. VeronikaDream says:

    I love Charley’s sarcasm and humor! It’s the best part of the story! Also the secondary characters are amazing! And Reyes… he is just so hot to look at. Love him.

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