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against the dawnReviewed by Jen

I am such a fan of this series.  And I am so glad Amanda Bonilla decided to continue with Darian’s story. Crave the Darkness left us in a dark place.  Darian had been manipulated by an incubus and nearly raped.  She and Ty were apart.  Xander wanted her for his own, and he was ready to drop the ax on Tyler for attacking him at a party.  The battle was won, but the characters we cared about were shredded.  We needed an opportunity to rebuild and Against the Dawn gives us that chance.

The story begins with Darian licking her wounds in the Fae realm. Despite the fact that half a year passes by at home, she only experiences two weeks of recovery.  She returns to find everyone waiting anxiously.  Xander still wants her and now he is willing to risk his very throne over her.  But he isn’t the man she wants. He never was.  It’s still Ty. It has always been Ty. It will always be Ty.  Anyway, she and her Jinn have a lot to work through before they can get things back to good.  –I’ll get back to that in a second.

Remember that guy Lorik who used to hang with Darian and Azriel?  The one who has been sending her the postcards?  He has returned and he wants to hire Darian for a job, one that is also linked to a case Tyler is handling.  So Darian accepts and the story follows her efforts to complete her mission, while putting her personal life back together again.

The case is not especially remarkable. It’s just the vehicle that moves the story along while Darian tries to reclaim her life.  And watching her journey, I was glued to the page.  Darian has endured so much: from her abusive husband, to Azriel, to her isolation, and now all this? Tyler is right there, just on the verge of giving her the real happiness that love can bring, but there has been so much in the way! And they have to wade through some of that to get to one another.  I like how they are doing it. I like the return of the Tyler I loved in the beginning of the series.  Here is the man who loves Darian above all things! Above people from his past. Above his pride. Above the law.  Tyler, welcome back. Please don’t leave again.

I also really liked Asher’s presence in the story, though at times he felt like he was taking Raif’s place in some ways.  I missed Raif here.  But I understood his absence.  What Bonilla is building with Xander and the Shaede kingdom is very interesting.  Obviously I don’t want him with Darian, but I like the storyline with him. (Does anyone else smell a Xander/ Anya pairing?  It can’t just be me.)  And the set-up for the next book is phenom.  I pray the wait isn’t too long.

In all, I have only one complaint.  I wanted an apology or an explanation from Tyler for his actions in the last book. He was such an asshat.  He hurt Darian –and while I understand why– and she probably understands why– I want the words.  I want to hear him say that he wasn’t really with whatsherfacejinnbitch. I want to hear him say he is sorry for the hurt he caused. I want him to apologize to me Darian for the body-snatcher who took him over in Crave the Darkness. Other than that, I loved their scenes together.  I could again see that love that could move mountains –and the man who never disappoints.

It’s a good book.  Amanda Bonilla gives me characters I care about. Hearts I want to mend.  Faces I want to break.  And a great story to tie it all up in.  This is a UF series worth reading.

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by author for review

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Against the Dawn
by Amanda Bonilla
Release Date: May 20, 2014


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