Review: Banishing the Dark by Jenn Bennett

banishing the darkReviewed by Jen

I can’t believe that it’s over.  I just found this series and already I have to say goodbye to the fantastic cast of characters that make up Cady’s world.  It was a fantastic ride with a worthy climax. Through it all, Jenn Bennett kept the action high, the tone consistent, and the emotion both realistic and relatable.  When all is said and done, everything is tied up in a nice bow, almost guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

Binding the Shadows ended on a whopper of a reveal.  So if you haven’t read that yet, look no further –or you will be spoiled.  We’ve got two major plot points hanging: Cady’s brutal beating and her surprise pregnancy.  The repercussions from the beating are handled in short-order.  The pregnancy, however, isn’t dispatched so easily. Especially since Cady’s mom wants to take over Cady’s body.  What follows is Cady’s race to figure out how to stop her mother and to protect her baby in the process.

As with the previous books, Cady is thrown into one dangerous situation after another. But at the core of this story is her downright lovely relationship with Lon.  I love how he loves her.  And the events of this story show just how deep her feelings run for him in return.  It’s refreshing to see how Bennett managed to keep these two fresh and interesting with only external conflicts in their path.  They are so steady and… mature.  They manage to stay sexy too.   Cady really shows how much she has grown emotionally as she comes into her powers. We really see the strength she finds within as her gifts get stronger as well.

Then there is Jupe. He actually takes a bigger role in this book, with part of the storyline in his point of view.  He has stayed as engaging and loveable as he was the first time we met him.  This, even as he is clearly making steps towards growing up.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a kid and he does some stupid stuff, but Bennett really nails his voice and that horrible/ wonderful in-between phase between child and adult.

I didn’t know going into this book that it would be a series finale, so the ending was kind of surprising for me. I am glad we got the closure, though it’s all maybe a little too neat and tidy.  Ultimately, though, it’s a satisfying goodbye, filled with warm and fuzzy goodness and a look ahead to the future of our beloved crew.  (*sniff*) I sure will miss them.

Rating: B+

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Banishing the Dark
by Jenn Bennett
Release Date: May 27, 2014
Publisher: Pocket


  1. I’d heard that the third book ended in a place where you’d really want to keep reading, so I waited to read it until this month and just finished it. Now I’m ready to swing right into Banishing The Dark, but I’m so bummed that this series is ending so quickly. It’s one of my favorites. I’ve been hearing that it ends on a high note, so I’m just hoping that maybe Jenn will write a few novellas down the line – Jupe all grown up and starring in his own story would be a fantastic treat!

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