Review: Circle of Blood by Debbie Viguié

circle of bloodReviewed by Jen

The Witch Hunt series goes out big in this third and final book in the series.  For new readers, this book is not an entry point for the story.  You need to start at the beginning with The Thirteenth Sacrifice.  Yes, this book has it’s own beginning and end, but it’s really more of a culmination of everything that has happened to the heroine up to this point. It’s been a long and dark road for Samantha. And things are going to get worse before they get better.

If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, beware. Thar be spoilers ahead.

As this installment begins, Samantha has finally opened the door in her mind to the 12 year-old version of herself.  The frightening, magic-wielding witch whose memories she locked away when she was a teenager.  And she gets so much more than she bargained for.  Her younger self, that angry and powerful psyche, takes over and goes on a tear through New Orleans, hunting the witch who has orchestrated everything that happened in the past two books.  Samantha is only a shadow in her own mind, watching violence and chaos unfold.

It’s interesting to see Samantha in such a very different way. Her younger self could easily be a villain in the story.  Fortunately, her reign does not last, and once adult-Samantha regains control, our heroine is back.  I liked the reveal on the Big Bad.  It made sense in the big picture of the story.  I also liked the move to New Orleans. The city was painted so well, it almost could have been its own character in the book. Debbie Viguié really did a good job tying everything together… not just in the end, but in multiple threads throughout the book.

What didn’t I like?  Two things.  One: some things resolve too easily.  Like how the villain is defeated, how accepting Anthony is of being ignored all this time, all the dead bodies Samantha leaves behind…  And Ed.  She forgave Ed so fast, it made my head spin.  And while he was a useful character in the story arc, I could not forgive his behavior from the end of book one just because he said he was sorry. The guy was a total Bag of Dicks.  He should have a had to make better amends.  My other complaint: a little too hard of a push on the Christianity here and how God saved the day.  It’s not what I am looking for in my bloody paranormal suspense books.

Those issues aside, however, I thought the book was well crafted. It had a wonderfully dark and creepy tone.  Samantha had a very cool journey of self discovery and satisfying ending.

Rating: B

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Circle of Blood
by Debbie Viguié
Release Date: April 1, 2014
Publisher: Signet


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