Review: City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

city of fallen angelsReviewed by Jen

I came to this series late, so when I read City of Glass, I knew there were more books ahead.  It still felt like an ending, of course. But the question is, should it have stayed the ending?  Well, I can see the arguments for both answers.  When people like a series, more books will help feed the hunger for more of those beloved characters. I, personally, was looking forward to finally getting to see Jace and Clary be together, without the cloud of incest hanging over their heads.  But what I didn’t really stop to consider is… there has to be conflict in order to move the series further.

So the book starts six weeks after the last one left off, and there is already trouble in paradise.  We skipped right over all the carefree loving moments and jump right back into angst mode.  This time around, Jace is having powerful dreams where he is inflicting harm on Clary and he fears she is not safe around him.  It evolves into something more serious, but honestly, after the absolute hopelessness of their relationship in the earlier books, all I could think was…. seriously?  That’s it?

It was frustrating.  It’s finally time to bask in their chance to be together and Jace is having bad dreams?  He pulls away from Clary; he is distant and kind of an ass; and he keeps the problem to himself.  Kind of anticlimactic.

On the other hand, there are some interesting things going on with Simon. He’s exploring who he is now that he is a vampire and carries the Mark of Cain. He is stumbling around relationships with Isabelle and Maia.  And he is attracting the attention of some relevant bad guys.  I enjoyed his storyline, new character Kyle, and hints at the future he could have with Isabelle. I also liked seeing what was happening with Magnus and Alec.  And the way Cassandra Clare crafted the villain and that part of the storyline was good.

But I wanted more from Clary and Jace. They are the emotional draw of these books and in this case, for me, they fell short.  –The ending was good, and it left me interested enough to see what happens next.  But I am not sure how this “second half” of the series will measure up with the initial trilogy.

Rating: B-

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City of Fallen Angels
by Cassandra Clare
Release Date: April 5, 2011
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

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