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enigmaReviewed by Jen

I really am such a fan of this series, and this latest installment has to be one of my favorites.  It’s a story of two really screwed up people who have no family and very little faith in the permanence of love. Patrick is still mourning the death of his brother, Ben, and he has a wealth of childhood baggage he is toting around… including the fact he killed his crazy father.  On top of that, his magic is all messed up –and he never really understood it to begin with.  He is a heavily tattooed, motorcycle riding bounty hunter, and people cross the street when he passes by.  He’s an outcast and he knows it.

Despite Patrick’s buckets of angst, he is actually more emotionally functional than Anna.  At least he had Ben and people in his past who loved him. Anna has never had any family. She has no idea how to love.  And she is 100% percent certain that if she were to ever even try, she would not only break Patrick’s heart, but her own as well.  The thing is, they each want the other so much, but there is real fear there.  So they dance around each other, flirt, tease, run away, and do it all over again.  They trust each other as partners, but beyond that, they don’t trust themselves.

As the story begins, Anna and Patrick are teaming up on a mission for Alec.  An important wolf has gone missing and it turns out he is one of a string of shifters who have disappeared in recent weeks.  The book follows their investigation, which is fast paced and interesting, but more importantly, we see what happens when the two of them are thrown together and no longer able to fight their feelings for one another.

I know Anna has lived an emotionally barren life, but I found myself struggling to sympathize with her at times, because Patrick was just so damn crazy about her.  He puts himself on the line, despite his fears and his past heartbreaks. He is ready to love her and she puts him through the wringer.  Yet despite my inability to love her, I wanted it to work out so badly, simply to see Patrick get his HEA.  Not only that, but the ladies who write as Moira Rogers are masters of writing sex scenes.  They burn up the pages in every single book of theirs I have read.  And this one is no exception.  Anna and Patrick are super-sexy together; and they are both vulnerable and prickly –and anyone with eyes could see they belong together.

It’s a road-trip book, which means we don’t get to spend all that much time with fabulous supporting characters in the series.  BUT we do get a quality visit with Michelle that reminded me of that lingering feeling fluttering in my chest, hoping for a book for her and Luciano. (He loves her so much!) Even if the memory of Aaron makes me feel a little guilty about it.   Make it happen Moira Rogers. I also continue to be impressed with the world-building and, specifically, the interesting way all the shifter politics play out.

Any book in the series could probably be read as a standalone for the romance. But the series as a whole is so much more enjoyable if you read from book 1.  There is so much backstory, it really makes it a richer experience.  I recommend the series to any PNR fan.  These books don’t disappoint.

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by authors for review

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by Moira Rogers
Release Date: May 13, 2014
Publisher: Samhain

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