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giving inReviewed by Jaimie

I think I might have a new favorite Maya Banks series. Well at least until I read the newest KGI book. Giving In is the second book in the Surrender trilogy by Ms. Banks and in a small way it is a spin-off of her popular Sweet series. In this installment we get Jensen and Kylie’s story and this one had me all teary right from the beginning!

Kylie Breckenridge is still reeling from the death of her brother Carson, the only person who has ever protected her and been there for her. Horribly abused as a child, Kylie has survived by keeping everyone at arms length and hiding herself. Working at the company her brother and his best friend Dash started, she is content to manage their office and never go after her dreams.

Jensen Tucker is Dash’s new business partner and he’s tired of watching Kylie run herself in to the ground. He can tell she’s not sleeping or taking care of herself and his protective instincts are all riled up. Jensen also sees that Kylie’s talent is being wasted in the office manager job and he gives her a project to show her that she is capable of so much more.

There was no mystery, no one trying to hurt them, just two people working on their issues and there was more than enough story to fill the book. If I had any complaints there were just two small things that didn’t stop me from enjoying the book, but kind of irked me. The first was the number of times the word dominant was used. We got it he’s dominant, but it could have been used a little less. The second was that I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Kylie taking on new challenges at her job and succeeding. I know the work part was secondary to her emotional issues but I think her confidence in business was part of her transformation. Like I said it wasn’t enough to ruin the book, just caught my attention.

Both Kylie and Jensen had difficult childhoods and the scenes where they confided in each other were very sweet and emotional. There of course was the inevitable “break-up” that these books call for and it was nice to see a role reversal with how it all worked out. One thing I really liked was usually in most books where the one partner promises to not be so dominant with the other, that doesn’t last. The man usually plays nice for a short time and then just cannot control his alpha instincts. Jensen keeps his word to Kylie and that was nice to see.

I did this series backwards I haven’t read the first book yet but after seeing how in love Joss and Dash are, I can’t wait to go back and read their story. I’m sure it was just as emotional as this one and from the blurb for Chessy and Tate’s story I have a feeling that one will take the cake emotion wise. Cannot wait to read it!

Rating: A-

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Giving In
By Maya Banks
Release Date: May 6, 2014
Publisher: Berkley


  1. Carol Savoy says:

    I’m a huge Maya Banks fan too. I just received Giving In in the mail this week, I’m planning on reading it this weekend. I’m so excited for the next K.G.I. release, WOW, what a fabulous series 🙂

    • Carol – hope you enjoy it!! My review for the next KGI book will post closer to the release date but I can say Maya did not disappoint!!

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