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nobodyReviewed by Jen

Nobody is the kind of tortured hero I love.  He is strong and powerful, yet painfully vulnerable. He knows how to cherish and to protect, but he doesn’t know how to be loved.  He has been through hell and back, and he thinks that survival is the best he can hope for.  But we know better.

Even Melinda was intimidated the first time she saw him. All of those muscles; all of those scars; his silence; his stealth.  But it took her next to no time see beyond all that.   She asks him questions no one has ever dared. She looks at him when no one else does.  He barely knows what to do with that. He can’t wrap his brain around the idea that someone could want him. It pushes all my happy buttons.

The story is set on a Native American reservation. Nobody lives in the shadows of the tribe, dispensing vigilante justice.  Melinda is a white woman who has left behind an unhappy life to come set up a child care center on the Rez.  I really enjoyed learning the new culture through her eyes.  I liked seeing how she found her place there.  I enjoyed watching her lose her heart to Nobody… but more than anything else, I loved seeing him grow through their feelings for one another.  His internal dialogue made the book, as he first questioned her interest, and then struggled with how to reciprocate.  His vulnerability is so deep and we learn him as Melinda does.  There is just the right amount of sex; and an engaging side-plot surrounding an abused boy on the reservation.  There is also a tiny supernatural fringe, surrounding Nobody’s ability to blend into the shadows.

It’s not perfect, though. There were times the author was a bit heavy handed with Nobody’s self-deprecation.  For instance, I think I read he was “a nobody who came from nobody and would always be a nobody” at least four or five times, which made me roll my eyes each and every time.  And I have to believe he started out with a real name.  He wasn’t called Nobody as a baby, right? I would have liked to have a true name revealed to Melinda and have her call him that.  That would have made me swoon a little.

This is book three in the White Sandy series, but I didn’t read the other installments and I never felt the lack. This could easily read as a stand-alone.   Would recommend for fans of a tortured hero.

Rating: B

*ARC provided by author for review

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by Sarah M. Anderson
Release Date: May 1, 2014


  1. Great review — Nobody is such a great tortured hero, if one can say that! 🙂 Loved him, but I agree, I do wish his real name had been revealed, even if it was only to Melinda. But, alas, he’ll always be Nobody to me — in the best way possible, that is!


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