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playReviewed by Carrie

Sometimes a book comes along that make you feel giddy.   Giddy is a wonderful feeling, especially when you are a person not prone to feeling that way.  Giddiness is infectious – you want everyone to feel the wonderful way you feel.  I am going on record that this book with make you giddy.  It will make you smile and snort with laughter.

Anne Rollins is having a crappy day to add to her not so wonderful life when she comes home to find her roommate took off with a significant chunk of her money and furniture and on the hook for the bills and rent. 

Her neighbor Lauren wants her to go to a party at her best friend Evelyn’s apartment; the same Evelyn that happens to be married to Stage Dive’s lead singer, David.  Anne initially balks at hanging with the band that had been plastered on her walls growing up but decides to forget about her problems for a night.

A moment on the balcony to take a call has Anne meeting Malcom Ericson, the drummer for Stage Dive.  Mal takes an instant liking to Anne and resolves to insert himself into her life…starting with moving in to her apartment.  Mal needs a pretend girlfriend to make his Mom happy even though he refuses to share exactly why.  Anne rolls with it because she needs a roomie and she knows she’d be stupid to pass up the opportunity to actually live with musician she was all dreamy over.

This couple is the embodiment of the old saying that there’s a match for everyone.   There is an immediate chemistry; mainly because Anne sees Mal’s antics as adorable rather than annoying.  I can see how some readers may feel like Mal’s hyperactive one-liners get tiresome, but I just found it charming.  Anne is a nice foil for Mal because while she is the steadying force in the relationship, she’s every bit as playful as he is, although in an understated way.

Kylie Scott does a great job of balancing the silliness with real emotion.  Anne has had a rather rough go at life and Mal is dealing with some heavy family issues.  The couple transitions effortlessly to an affectionate friendship to a deeper relationship with relative ease.  The few roadblocks that are thrown their way seem natural to the story and overcome in a mature way.

This novel was a welcome change of pace from the more emotional books I usually read and a perfect addition to the Stage Dive series.  Can’t wait for Jimmy’s book (he falls for his sober coach)!

Rating: B+

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by Kylie Scott
Release Date: March 25, 2014
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin


  1. Great review — I so loved book 1, listened to it on Audio during my walks and quickly purchased a print copy for my keeper shelf! Sexy and addicting and, oh so good! I look forward to reading Play, as I loved Mal!

    I sure hope that Jimmy does not revert to his asshole ways from book 1, so I am curious to see how his book turns out. 😀


  2. I loved this book. Enjoyed it better than Lick. And anxiously awaiting Jimmy’s story now.

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