Review: Right Click by Lisa Becker

right clickReviewed by Shelly

By far, this is my favorite book in the series. If you’ve not read any of the other books in the series, you’re going to want to read the first two for maximum enjoyment. They were both good stories and nicely built the storyline for this final installment. Sorry folks, there are going to be spoilers from Books 1 and 2.

I’m still in awe that Becker is able to write a credible and complete story completely in email format. Renee and Ethan’s wedding is coming up but before we get to their HEA, tomfoolery and shenanigans ensue. This was a quick read for me, I picked it up, the pages start flying and I’m completely caught up then the next thing, then the story came to an end. Renee continued to be my favorite character. She’s still a good person, a great friend, a wonderful fiancé, and just a lovely person. You might think that would make her dull.  She’s everything but. She does go through her struggles but she’s got friends and family who care about her. I had much more like for Shelley than I’ve had in the past. I would have liked to know more about that Nick guy she moved away for, but that’s okay – I got over that pretty quick because Shelley really stepped up her game on being a good friend to Renee. It’s like she’s growing up – until she says something so crass you wonder if she’ll ever not have those male teenage thoughts.

The dynamics between all the characters continue to work well. Ashley hasn’t changed. She’ll still give you a compliment with one hand and insult you with the other. She surprised me though in the way that she treated Renee. Mark and his lady love Cassidy. She’s gonna get hers and I was so happy with who gave it to her – her and her ridiculous cat videos and no punctuation emails – oh, she drove me crazy with that. Why? Because I know people who do that and I can’t even acknowledge those things – if I do, I’ll drive myself crazy. But I digress.

Ethan is still the good guy and he does love Renee. The communication between them was really fun because you can see the comfort level they both have with one another – even though Renee’s never ‘cut the cheese’ in front of Ethan. There’s an entire dialogue around that and it’s about that time that I had to literally out-loud because that’s funny, I don’t care who you are.

As with the other stories, there are no big dramas here. Instead Becker focuses on the lives of this group of friends. We don’t know about their daily lives but we get a very good glimpse on the highlights. There’s a tragedy that affects one of our heroines and it’s a heartbreaker.

I’m sad that this was the final story but when I got to the end I had a big ole smile because everyone gets his or her own version of HEA and the epilogue was most awesome. Well played Becker, well played.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B+/A-

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Right Click
by Lisa Becker
Release Date: May 19, 2014

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