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bastardReviewed by Carrie

Fans of BDB, Lords of the Underworld or Lords of Deliverance, you’re going to want to pay attention because this book is right up your alley!  Kelley has put out a fresh twist to a group of badass warriors, except that these warriors are not paranormal but straight from the annals of history.

In the battle between Heaven and Hell, the Creator tasked two of his battle angels, Michael and Sela to assemble a group of warriors to fight evil.  They were each given seventy seven souls to “awaken”.  Michael chose the purest of warriors to help him prevent the Fallen from reentering Heaven.  Sela, on the other hand, had to fight The Third of evil on Earth.  She believed that she needed to fight fire with fire, so she awoke some of the cruelest, cunning and successful warriors that had ever lived.  She names them the Forsaken.

The story opens in present day with the warrior Vike getting into a skirmish with the bad guys which results in the death of his best friend, Gen, but also the discovery of a woman descended from the Holy Line.  As Forsaken, they are bound to protect Scions from ending up in the hands of The Third.  (Does this sound familiar?)  As a Forsaken, Vike is bound to protect Lacy.  The only way he can see he can protect her properly is to bring her to the Forsaken fortress.

All Lacy knows is that someone bad is after her and she feels safe in the arms of this strong Viking.  While being stranded at the Forsaken lair, Lacy does what comes natural to her and begins to play caretaker to the group of rough men.  Vike is immediately attracted to Lacy but still apprehensive with his trust in women, seeing as his first wife tried to have him killed.  As the Third is breathing down their necks, Lacy and Vike finally find their missing part in each other.

As readers of paranormal series books understand, first books tend to be loaded up with world building information.  Personally, no matter how many books I’ve read, I still get confused with nephalim, fallen angels, archangels and the various allegiances.  So, I will admit to skimming over a lot of that because I hate being confused.  I was more interested in trying to puzzle out who all the Forsaken were in their first lives.  Once it was revealed, I was surprised by a couple.  For being a self-admitted history nerd, I had never even heard of Vike.  For that reason, I wish the author had explained his history a little bit more.

Readers will, no doubt, see similarities to the other PNR/UF series I previously mentioned.  Kelley manages to skate a very fine line without exactly copying.  Just as my brows were raised, the author would take the story in a different direction.  Although, I can see some readers might be a bit disgruntled.

As always, I very much enjoyed the group of guys.  They banter and bitch and moan with each other in that familiar way that is fun to read.  I especially enjoyed that not only did they soften their stance towards Lacy, but told her how much they enjoyed her presence in their lives.  I’m eager to see how each of their stories plays out (and hopefully more of Sela’s!)

Overall, the book has its ups and downs.  On the upside, the action sequences were fast and engaging as were the love scenes.  The men are an interesting mix and their history is a welcome twist. On the downside, there was a bit of drudgery in the world information and not enough history about the hero.  On a minor point, Vike and Lacy were a bit tween with their note giving.  I’m hoping a lot of this gets smoothed out in book 2, which I look forward to!

Rating: C+

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The Bastard
by Inez Kelly
Release Date: May 18, 2014


  1. Thanks for the review, Carrie! I enjoyed this book. Reminded me of early Sherilynn Kenyon, in a good way. And I’m Romanian, so – very grateful to Inez Kelley for staying very close to the historical truth about Vlad Tepes and still making him a cool modern dude. Really looking forward to the next installments 🙂

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