Review: Best Man with Benefits by Samanthe Beck

best man with benefitsReviewed by Carrie

This is the last novelette in the Wedding Dare series and overall I have enjoyed them all.  It introduced me to new authors I might not have otherwise read (and that’s always a plus in my book).  The series concludes with the best man, Logan, and the groom’s sister, Sophie.

From the outside, Logan McCade is the golden boy – gorgeous, successful & driven – but that success comes at a price.  A little idea that bloomed into a huge outdoors company has turned him from athlete to a CEO with virtually no outside time or social life beyond the demands of his company.  However, when Colton, his former college roommate asks him to be the best man, Logan puts down everything to be by his side.  The only responsibility Colton tasks him with is to hang out with his little sister Sophie.  Logan figures this is easy enough.  He remembered a shy young thing from his college days, so Logan was wholly unprepared for the woman Sophie had grown into.

The last place Sophie wants be is in a room full of people.  She’s painfully shy and is still nursing old hurts and insecurities about her younger appearance.  Sophie still sees herself as the wallflower that can fade into the distance and escape awkward conversation with people.  Then, the man who has starred in all of Sophie’s fantasies since she was a teenager plops down in the chair beside her and engages her.  Sophie does the whole “who me?” thing when Logan keeps talking to her.  Sophie slowly starts to think that he might actually want to hang out with her (and maybe do other things too!) but she lets her head mess up any gains that are made.

Logan is such a great hero for Sophie.  He’s patient and kind but not patronizing.  Logan doesn’t take offense to Sophie’s quirks.  In turn, Sophie’s dry wit and self-deprecation loosens Logan’s tight strings.  I liked that both the hero and heroine were supportive of each other in their own ways. Normally, heroines that have the level of insecurity that Sophie has annoy me, but the short nature of the book keeps the story moving and not dwelling on anything for too long.  I also liked when Logan was conferring with his brothers about his love life.  I want to read more about these McCade brothers!

This is a sweet ugly duckling story with a charming hero.  The epilogue wraps up the series with a pretty shiny bow.  I very much enjoyed all the stories and think they are light, fun and sexy reads perfect for the beach!

Grade: B

*ARC provided by Entangled Publishing

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Best Man With Benefits
by Samanthe Beck
Release Date: June 9, 2014
Publisher: Entangled

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