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Review: Pia Saves the Day by Thea Harrison

pia saves the dayReviewed by Jen

This novella absolutely hit the spot. Thea Harrison somehow managed to take a longtime couple and make their story feel new again.  That’s no small feat after two full length novels and an earlier novella already devoted to them.  They’re married. They have a baby.  Yet they are still sexy and with the progression of this story, we got to watch them fall in love all over again.

As the story begins, Pia and Dragos are settling into their new home with the baby, but there is still work to be done before the house is finished.  And it’s during that construction work that Dragos is seriously injured.  It’s so bad, he loses his memories… of his past, his humanity, and of course Pia. [Read more…]

Review: When Day Breaks by Maya Banks

when day breaksReviewed by Jaimie

I officially have a new book boyfriend!  For years I’ve been all about Eric Northman (helped along by my minor obsession with Alexander Skarsgard) but he has now been replaced with Swanny.  When Day Breaks is the newest book in the KGI series by Maya Banks and centers around Swanny, the adopted member of the Kelly family who was imprisoned with Nate, and Eden Sinclair, the world’s most beautiful supermodel.  Action, sizzling romance and an insecure hero, combined with a “holy shit did that just happen” scene, made this one of the best books I’ve read this year. [Read more…]

Review: The Secrets of a Scoundrel by Gaelen Foley

secrets of a scandalReviewed by Jen

This final installment in Gaelen Foleys Inferno Club series was one of my favorites. Nick is hero in need of redemption. He’s made some pretty bad choices, nearly skirting into villain territory in his efforts to break free of the Order. But as the story begins, he is paying the price for his actions… in a jail cell.

He is expecting an extended stay, but after just six months, he is offered a chance at freedom. All he has to do is help a beautiful woman on a spy mission. Making matters even more interesting, the lady Virginia is actually the secret daughter of Nick’s late mentor Virgil. [Read more…]

Review: Sweet Giordan, Please Remember by Raine O’Tierney

sweet giordanReviewed by Jen

If you are looking for a gentle m/m, you may want to consider giving this second-chance-at-love story a try.  It’s light on sex, and honestly, kind of light on romance.  But I found it easy to connect to and I quickly grew to care for the main character as he struggled to get his life back.

Giordan lost his memory after a serious car accident put him in a coma for five years. When he woke up in the hospital, the only things he knew about himself were his name and the fact that he was an artist.  [Read more…]

Review: Winning Miss Wakefield by Vivienne Lorret

winning miss wakefieldReviewed by Jen

Merribeth thought she had her entire life planned out.   After a longtime understanding with a childhood friend, she thought she would be married and have a stable future.  She had even made her own wedding dress.  But her life got turned on its ear when her intended told her he was in love with another woman and planned to make his future with her.

Now, Merribeth’s on the edge of society, with tongues wagging about what she could have done to make her man cry off.  She has no prospects and is on the verge of social ruin. Until her aunt’s old friend Eve comes up with a plan to win Clairmore back and restore her reputation. The idea is to make him jealous. Flirt with a rake. Gain some confidence. And soon Clairmore will see the error of his ways and leave his new love behind. [Read more…]

Review: Illusion by Sherrilyn Kenyon

illusionReviewed by Jen

I honestly wasn’t looking forward to this book.  Based on the set-up, I thought it was going to be all filler, set in some kind of alternative reality that would have no bearing on the bigger picture in the Chronicles of Nick series. Not only was I wrong about that, it ended up being the best installment in the series to date.

There is, indeed, an alternate reality in play. (There seems to be a few of them floating around in this series.)  But what’s happening there is not filler[Read more…]

Review: Seducing the Bridesmaid by Katee Robert

seducing the bridesmaidReviewed by Carrie

This is the 3rd book in the Wedding Dare category romance series put out by Brazen.  Even though I’m not a fan of shorter books, I’ve been enjoying reading this series as a nice relaxing escape.  This one, however, didn’t work for me as much.

Regan Wakefield is a take charge ballbuster.  When she sees something she wants, she makes a plan and goes full blast for it.  Regan is all prepared to go after the equally successful and driven best man, Logan. She is irritated when another groomsman keeps getting in her way. [Read more…]

Review: In His Command by Rie Warren

in his commandReviewed by Jen

I picked up this book because I loved the idea of a dystopian m/m romance. It promised a unique story, riddled with angst.  It delivered in those respects, but it did not work for me in more ways than it did.  In fact, I actually had a hard time making it though to the end.

I had several problems.  The pacing was uneven.  The first person POV was not engaging, nor did it make me sympathetic to the hero.  Frankly, I didn’t like Casper, which made it difficult to root for the romance.  I never got any perspective from his love interest, Nathanial, which left me further disconnected.  And there was way too much sex.  Yes, I know that may sound strange coming from me, but it was so excessive, I actually had to fight from skimming them after a time. [Read more…]

Review: Until I Saw Your Smile by JJ Murray

until i saw your smileReviewed by Shelly

I’ve read one other story from JJ Murray, so I’m somewhat familiar with this writing style. I was hoping to like this one a lot more than I liked the other story I read, but I’m not any more impressed now than I was back then.

Angela Smith owns and runs a local coffee and pastry shop in Williamsburg, NY. She inherited the business from her parents who have since move away, but she’s doing the best she can until a chain coffee store moves across the street from her shop. [Read more…]

Review: Baiting the Maid of Honor by Tessa Bailey

baiting the maid of honorReviewed by Carrie

If you’ve been reading my reviews, you know how much I love Tessa Bailey’s writing (especially her dirty talking heroes).  As soon as I saw Bailey’s name come up as one of the authors involved, I requested the whole series.  I am sooo glad I did because she does not disappoint.  This is the second book in the Wedding Dare series.  The stories seem to run concurrently and are interwoven, but I think it would be fine as a standalone. [Read more…]