Review: A Husband’s Regret by Natasha Anders

husbands regretReviewed by Shelly

This is a new to me author but after reading the blurb I was intrigued. And after I started reading I was immediately charmed with the characters. This story is set in Cape Town, South Africa and once I figured that out, I expected beautiful scenery and glimpses of the Atlantic Ocean – Natasha Anders didn’t disappoint. But this isn’t a destination story, so don’t expect lavish descriptions of the location.

After leaving her husband following a rather nasty fight because she told him she was pregnant, Bronwyn Palmer is on her own. For the last two years she’s been the sole caretaker for her daughter Kayla. With poor health while waitressing at a restaurant, she runs into the last person she expected to see. Bryce Palmer is a haunted man. He’s found the perfect person in Bronwyn, who loves him unconditionally, but he’s not reciprocal of her affections.

When he finds out that Bronwyn is pregnant, his tightly leashed control gets thrown aside; what’s a guy to go but last out verbally and chase his loving wife awa?. Now he lives a secluded life and continues to look for the best thing he had. Once he finds her, can they both find out the truth that happened on that life changing night?

I was surprised how much I enjoyed these characters. When I initially started reading, the feel of the story was very traditional in the way the old Mills & Boon romance novels started. Remember those? Bronwyn seemed fragile, wounded and easily susceptible to illness. Her ability to take care of herself wasn’t strong and I wonder if not for Bryce how she would have fared. She didn’t have a career to speak of, but she did the best she could – which was pretty good – with Kayla. After meeting Bryce at a waitressing job, he pursued her while she questioned what he saw in her. Eventually all things worked out and they were married. That’s not end of their story; it’s just the beginning. This story really expands on what happens once you say your ‘I dos’ and you’re settling into your happily ever after. It’s about the communication –or lack of– that happens within that relationship and those four walls.

Even before leaving their home, Bronwyn has been an unhappy wife because it seems that Bryce won’t communicate either his love or his past with his wife. He’s very standoffish in certain parts of his life, while Bronwyn has been an open book. I could clearly see the inequality but as I continued to read, I got not just glimpses but full out viewing pleasure on learning what made both of these people tick. Bronwyn isn’t as weak as I thought. She’s a very strong wife and an even stronger mother, but what impressed me the most about her was her perception of herself as a woman. She knows exactly what she needs to happen. She’s very much able to separate her wants from her needs. Yes, she loves and wants her husband but does she need the grief and unhappiness that has plagued her since her marriage began? Can she willingly subject her child to an unhappy atmosphere knowing the kind of unhappiness that exists between her and her husband? These are hard choices to make and it was fun following along her journey.

The title of this should clue us readers in on the way that Bryce feels. He started out as such a jerk, yelling and berating Bronwyn about her pregnancy and eventually about an act that he’s convinced she’s done. I don’t know if I could have put up with as much as Bronwyn did when it came to Bryce, but she could clearly see something in him that I couldn’t. I don’t want to keep going back to Bronwyn when I’m talking about Bryce but I must. When she starts giving it back to him – not in a mean or vindictive way – but in a way that’s clear and truthful… There was (almost) nothing better than seeing Bryce eat crow and owning up to the ways he acted – the things he’d said to Bronwyn and the way that his orders – regarding Bronwyn – at his company that affected them both. He had so much to make up for.

I appreciated the way that both of these characters had to grow up and start handling their relationship with the delicacy and care it needed. There were hard decisions to make and with the addition of Kayla everything became real and it all started to matter.

If you’re in the mood for angst, a cute and precious almost 2 year old, reformed husband and a woman who will not settle for less, this is definitely the read for you. There are also some sexy times, not too much, but what there was was quite good.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B

*ARC provided by Montlake Romance via NetGalley

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A Husband’s Regret
by Natasha Anders
Release Date: April 29, 2014
Publisher: Montlake Romance

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