Review: Aces Wild by Amanda Carlson

aces wildReviewed by Jen

Amanda Carlson kicks of the multi-author Sin City series with this action packed and sexy installment, featuring a dhampir heroine and a hellhound hero.  I liked it.  It doesn’t suffer from the rushed feel that many novellas have and it left me interested in picking up another story in the series.

Nevada is a Collector, a supernatural bounty hunter who is good at her job.  She is a vampire-human hybrid and she has only ever missed one of her marks.  That failed target was a vampire and she has had no interest in trying to catch one since. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get to choose her cases; her boss does that for her. And wouldn’t you know it… her latest assignment is a fanghead. If that weren’t bad enough, she’s been assigned a partner  –a man she would have been content to stay away from for the rest of her life.

Jake doesn’t want to work with Neve any more than she wants to work with him. He has never understood her rejection after their one night together and he hates the fact that he still wants her, despite the fact that she can’t stand him.  The thing is, she burns for him just as much, only she thinks he deserves her ire. I won’t spoil the particulars, but I will say that it all makes for some great sexual tension that only intensifies as they are forced to work together.

Obviously, there’s a romance here, but the novella definitely maintains the action-oriented Urban Fantasy feel of Carlson’s other work.  There are great fight scenes and the story is go-go-go almost to the very end.  There are some sexy times too and I really enjoyed those.  They are just enough to scratch the itch that previously mentioned tension brings on.  It’s not hearts and flowers romance, but it satisfies.

I did have one issue, though, and that was in the climax. I felt the like victory was crafted in a way almost plucked out of thin air. I had to go back to see if the means of success had even been mentioned in the story –and it was– but it was subtle and blew right past me.  Maybe a more astute reader will connect the dots easier, but I left the big battle scene feeling a bit off center.  It was just a bit too convenient and didn’t have enough set-up.

Overall, though, I did enjoy it. It was fast and sexy with a hot hero and a sassy and tough heroine.  I’ll be sure to check out the other stories in the series to see if the other contributing authors keep the same vibe.

Rating: B

*ARC provided by author for review

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Aces Wild
by Amanda Carlson
Release Date: June 2, 2014

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