Review: Falling for the Groomsman by Diane Alberts

falling for the groomsmanReviewed by Carrie

I reviewed the prequel novella to the Wedding Dare series, Dare to Resist by Laura Kaye, last month.  The rest of the series, features stories by a different authors.  These books are category romance, around 200 pages each.  The stories revolve around the wedding of the couple from Dare to Resist and feature each bridesmaid hooking up with a groomsman.

The last groomsman Christine Forsythe wants to be anywhere near is the bride’s brother, Tyler.  She’s still a bit stung from when he pulled a bang and dash on her in college.  Maybe it wouldn’t have hurt so much had she not: A) Just lost her parents at the time, B) given up her virginity, and C) had a massive crush on Tyler since forever.  Wanting to finally move past the hurt, Christine devises a plan to put a spark back in to her love life.  It involves of list of dirty deeds and getting some revenge on Tyler by loving and then leaving him.

When Tyler realizes that Christine is trapped with him at the wedding resort, he aims to make amends for his regretful behavior.   He wants Christine to understand that he ran from her that night, not because there was something wrong with her, but because everything felt too right.  Tyler was just about to leave across country to med school and knew he couldn’t start a relationship at that time.  He feels bad enough to want to let Christine take her pound of flesh.

Tyler’s goal is to win her back, so he offers to help Christine cross things off her naughty list and she readily agrees.  As things get heated and emotions surface, Christine starts to forget all about revenge and remembers all the strong feelings she had.  Christine and Tyler are not the naive youngsters they once were and there’s a bit of a rocky road they go through to overcome that past.

I liked them as a couple.  Although I wasn’t a fan of the whole revenge plot, I did like Christine overall.  She and Tyler had some good banter with a nice amount of snark.  I found myself laughing out loud at a couple of lines.  Even though Tyler did a douchebag thing, he totally owned up to it and wanted to make things right.  Their sexual chemistry was smoldering and the sexy times very satisfying.

The ending wraps up pretty quick given the size of the book.  I’m not sure I completely bought into their HEA, but I went along with it.  There’s a nice little epilogue to give readers a peek into their future (which I always appreciate).  I recommend this book because it’s a fun, fast paced read whose characters are both sexy and sweet.  I know I’m going to read all of this series, so keep your eye out for the following reviews.

Rating: B-

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Falling for the Groomsman
by Diane Alberts
Release Date: June 9, 2014
Publisher: Entangled

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