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homegrown heroes ryanReviewed by Shelly

Who says you can’t put a satisfying story in a novella? Kara Swynn is one of my new favorite writers who can spin a heartwarming, fun, sexy, and angst filled tale about a guy and his gal. In her new series, Homegrown Heroes, about a trio of former Marines, Swynn starts off with a winner. Ryan Sears met Cassandra Cross when his adopted father married her mother. For him, it was love at first sight. For her, it’s love at first sight. But with any good romance, there must be the appropriate misunderstandings and insecurities – that was well done here.

While they’re on an extended vacation, Cassandra and Ryan’s parents have asked each of them to come and house-sit. Reaching an armistice, Cassandra and Ryan decide that going to their mutual corners in their parents’ home is the only way they can each keep their words to their parents. Ryan knows that Cassandra still doesn’t like him, but he’s hoping that in the next two weeks he can convince her that he’s the guy who would do anything for her.

I liked both of these characters tremendously. Cassandra’s got her issues about her weight and can’t see what a perfect specimen like Ryan would see in her. Like a lot of us women who have a few extra pounds, I understood the angst that drove Cassandra. And especially after their bedroom gymnastics, Cassandra anxieties were on overdrive. She liked Ryan enough to give him a hard time but Ryan only ever saw that as her dislike of him.

Ryan was a good guy. His love of country, family and friends that were admirable and made me want him to get his girl. In a successful business with his two best friends from the Corps, his life is full, but without the one person that he’s wanted and loved for the last few years. Watching him go through the turmoil and seeing his moments of happiness made for a fun read. I can’t give away too much because this a novella and I don’t want to spoil you fun in falling in love with these characters. I’m really looking forward to the other stories in the series.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B+

*ARC provided by author for review

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Homegrown Heroes – Ryan
by Kara Swynn
Release Date: June 9, 2014

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