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hope ignitesReviewed by Jaimie

When I found out Jaci Burton was releasing a new series, I could not wait to get my hands on it.  I didn’t read Hope Smolders which was the introductory novella for Burton’s new Hope series and instead dove right in to Hope Flames.  You can check out my review of Hope Flames on the site, but I was sadly underwhelmed by it.  Despite that, I wasn’t about to give up on the series because I love Burton and the secondary characters sounded really appealing.  I am so glad I stuck it out!  Hope Ignites is the second full installment and revolves around rancher Logan McCormack and movie star Desiree Jenkins.  I loved both of the main characters and their chemistry was smokin’ hot!

Logan is the brother of Luke, the hero from Hope Flames, who lives a solitary life running the family ranch.  Deeply scarred by his parents’ relationship, Logan has sworn to remain single forever.  Growing up, Logan and his brothers were always aware that their mother was miserable living on the ranch.  Their father loved her deeply and they saw how their mother’s behavior hurt him.  After their father died, she wasted no time finding a new husband, leaving Hope, Oklahoma, and her boys behind.  Logan is convinced that no woman could possibly love the life he lives and he is mostly content with that.  When a movie company approaches him about renting his land for a shoot, Logan figures the money is good so why not.

Desiree “Des” Jenkins is the current “it” girl in Hollywood.  After growing up a military brat, she longs for a home of her own where she can put down roots.  Knowing that an actresses has to strike while the iron is hot, Des has worked steadily for the last 7 years with very little time between movies.  Des and her best friend Colt have known each other since they were teenagers and are lucky enough to have been co-stars in a number of successful movies.  Their current project is a sci-fi movie being filmed on Logan’s property since the landscape can pass for being on another planet.  The two may heat up the screens as lovers but  in reality, Des is Colt’s “beard” and helps keep the fact that he is gay away from the press.

Logan’s sole interest in the movie being filmed on his property is the money they are paying him but his housekeeper/mother figure Martha is a huge movie buff and forces him to go down and check on things.  Although he has no real interest in doing so, he would do anything for Martha so he heads down to see what all the fuss is about.  While there he runs in to Des who has been out jogging, and he is immediately taken with her beauty and her direct nature.  For her part, Des is attracted to the rugged owner of the ranch but he seems to go out of his way to be rude and abrupt.  Trying to get to know him better, she invites Logan and Martha to the set to see everything in action. The sparks continue to fly and soon they are burning up the sheets. And the walls. And the floor.

There were so many things I loved about this book but the biggest were Logan and Des.  Logan is an alpha, hard-working man who doesn’t care what people think about him.  He is a gentleman who believes in treating a woman with respect, opening her doors and paying for dinner.  On the flip side, he has no problem going all caveman in the bedroom, and the chemistry between them is scorching.  Des is a woman after my heart.  She says what she wants, doesn’t pull punches and is not afraid of being herself.  She wants Logan and is not ashamed of that and she propositions him at every turn.  Logan is not used to women like her but they agree to enjoy each other while she is there.

I also loved how loyal Des was to Colt.  She fiercely guards his secret and even when Logan confronts them in a jealous fit, she refuses to set him straight.  She encourages Colt to take the leap and officially come out of the closet, insisting that he should be free to love his long time boyfriend in public.  Des fits in with Emma and her friends, she forms a bond with Martha and she loves being on the ranch.  Of course Logan convinces himself that they are from two different worlds and she would never be happy on the ranch, leading to the inevitable break-up but even when he was being a stupid man I was still rooting for him.  Seeing how unhappy his parents were, you can’t help but understand and sympathize with him.

Loveable hero and heroine, interesting secondary characters and sex that will steam up your mirrors, make this a great read.  One character that had me intrigued from Emma and Luke’s book was Emma’s sister Molly.  There were references to something big happening and her leaving town, and her story is up next so I can’t wait for that.   Thankfully it comes out in a couple of months so I won’t have to wait long.  Definitely glad I stuck with the series!

Rating: B+

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Hope Ignites
by Jaci Burton
Release Date: March 25, 2014
Publisher: Jove

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