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nauti enchantressReviewed by Jaimie

Lora Leigh is back!! For a little while some of her books seemed like she was dialing them in but with the latest Breed book Rule Breaker and the newest installment in the Nauti Girls series, Ms. Leigh is back on her game! Her books were always good, but for fans of her writing “good” was a step down from great. I’m happy to say she is firmly back with great. Nauti Enchantress is the third book in the Nauti Girls series and centers around Dawg’s third sister Lyrica MacKay and former marine Graham Brock. Steaming hot sex scenes, plenty of adventure, and a sweet love story bring all the elements that made me fall in love with the Nauti Boy series way back when I read Rowdy’s story.

Lyrica MacKay is not like her sisters. Rather than letting Dawg, Rowdy and Natches guilt her in to behaving in a way they would prefer, she meets each man on their own grounds and as a result she has had more freedom than the other girls. Since she met Graham at the age of 18, Lyrica has flirted, tempted and teased him in an attempt to get closer. A genuine friendship strikes up between her and Graham’s sister and that affords her the chance to be around Graham even more. After someone tries to shoot Lyrica during a girls night out, she reaches out to Graham who rides to her rescue.

Graham has been doing his best to distract himself from his growing attraction to Lyrica by methodically sleeping his way through the majority of the women in their town and the surrounding towns. Believing he is not the happily ever after type, he stays away from her in a attempt to “save her”. Not going to lie, that trope can get old, but I was able to overcome it and enjoy the writing and the rest of the story. The McKays knew Graham’s parents and there is a very touching scene where Natches talks to Lyrica about his relationship with the elder Brock.
While the group tries to figure out who is after Lyrica, Graham is unable to stay away from her. Despite the fact that he’s convinced things will never work, he finds himself falling for her more and more and you are left wondering why Natches is being particularly hard on him. Once the story comes out about him and Graham’s father, it all makes sense. Waiting for him to pull his head out of his ass and realize he can’t walk away is a little frustrating but it makes the final scene that much better!

Although this series focuses primarily on Dawg’s younger sisters, I really love that we still get to see plenty of Rowdy, Dawg, Natches and the rest of the group. This book brought quite a few more of the previous characters back and it was nice seeing what they have all been up to, aside from making Lyrica and her sister’s lives hell. As overbearing and protective as all the men are, it is clear that they all love the girls very much and are trying to protect them from the enemies they have made. It is also sweet the way they are trying to ensure that all four have a man that are capable of protecting them since they are now all in their fifties. I really hope the series continues and we can see what becomes of all those daughters.

The sneak peek we got at Zoey’s book had me anxiously running to Ms. Leigh’s site to find out when that one will be coming out. We haven’t heard or seen much of Zoey since she confronted Dawg and the rest of the guys when the sister’s were first introduced and it seems as though she has held the most secrets. I cannot wait to read it!

Rating: A

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Nauti Enchantress
by Lora Leigh
Release Date: June 3, 2014
Publisher: Berkley


  1. Lora Leigh books are sooo hot. Can’t wait to read this one!

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