Review: Vixen in Velvet by Loretta Chase

vixen in velvetReviewed by Jen

I have consistently enjoyed all three installments in Loretta Chase’s dressmaker series so far, although the second two have not been quite as good as the first. This book features youngest Noirot sister, Leonie.  She is the red-headed sibling who handles the business end of Maison Noirot and she is trying to do it all while one sister struggles with a difficult pregnancy and the other is taking a necessary trip out of town.

All of her actions are planned and methodical. But the Marquess of Lisburne is a distraction she never anticipated.  From the moment of a chance meeting, the two of them are instantly drawn to one another. But romantic entanglements are not what either of them is looking for.  Instead of hooking up, they end up sharing a wager.  Leonie has two weeks to turn Lisburne’s socially awkward cousin into the darling of the ton.  If she succeeds, she gets a priceless work of art. But if he wins, he gets two weeks alone with her.

The story follows Leonie’s efforts to help the young woman, as she tries to balance her charity and her dedication to her dress shop.  This, as Lisburne becomes more and more difficult to resist.

I liked the dance between these two.  It’s light and charming, much like the book itself.  Leonie and Lisburne are actually a lot alike. They understand each other and that goes along way in the attraction.  I thought both characters were likable.  The sexual tension was pretty good and I enjoyed it when the two of them finally gave into their desires.

There wasn’t much time spent with Sophie or Marcelline.  I did miss them.  I also think I might have enjoyed just a little bit of angst.  I know not everybody needs to have a tortured soul. But there wasn’t a great deal of emotional depth to plumb.

It was… pleasant.  I liked it.  And I am glad to hear that Loretta Chase will continue the series with Clara’s book. I look forward to it.

Rating: B

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Vixen in Velvet
by Loretta Chase
Release Date: June 25, 2014
Publisher: Avon

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