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when day breaksReviewed by Jaimie

I officially have a new book boyfriend!  For years I’ve been all about Eric Northman (helped along by my minor obsession with Alexander Skarsgard) but he has now been replaced with Swanny.  When Day Breaks is the newest book in the KGI series by Maya Banks and centers around Swanny, the adopted member of the Kelly family who was imprisoned with Nate, and Eden Sinclair, the world’s most beautiful supermodel.  Action, sizzling romance and an insecure hero, combined with a “holy shit did that just happen” scene, made this one of the best books I’ve read this year.

Daryl Swanson (Swanny) is the teammate who was rescued with Nathan in Whispers in the Dark and he still bears the physical and mental scars from their capture and torture.  A large scar down the side of his face, numerous scars on his body and all of his nightmares have Swanny fully believing that love and a family will never be for him.  He is dedicated to his team and his job and most days he’s okay with that.

Eden Sinclair is one of the world’s most beautiful women.  A supermodel with the world at her feet and a loving family that would do anything for her.  When someone begins threatening her life and taking shots at her, she chalks it up to a crazy stalker.  She has no way of knowing that she is being targeted as payback for something her father did when he was in the military years before.  After the threats escalate in to actual violence, Eden’s brother Ryker calls in Nate, Joe and Swanny who he served in the military with.  Their job is to keep Eden safe while she completes a major modeling gig in Paris.

I loved these two together.  Swanny was so insecure about the scars on his body and face that when Eden lets it be known that she’s attracted to him, he pushes her away because he doesn’t feel he’s worthy of her.  Watching them get past their individual demons and then help each other with theirs was really sweet.  The action part of the book slowed down for just enough time that we were invested in them as a couple but not too long that we were getting bored.  When it picked up again, I could not put the book down.

I really enjoyed seeing more of Skylar in this book and getting to know her a bit better.  There has been very little info about her but now I actually want to read her story.  She is an awesome combo of kickass woman and beautiful, feminine charm.  Skylar played a role in helping Swanny accept that Eden really was attracted to him, and also helping Eden understand some of why Swanny was having such a hard time accepting that.  I hope we see more of this friendship as the series goes on.

We also got more background and information on the mysterious Hancock.  He has popped up in several books, some times hurting, and some times helping KGI.  We haven’t been able to tell which side of the line he is officially on, but this mission is personal to him.  It turns out Eden’s dad and Hancock have history, and while we didn’t get the full story, we got enough to intrigue us.  Hancock joins forces with KGI to help bring down the threat to Eden and we see a different side of him.

I figured I had a pretty good idea of how this book was going to go and then Maya hit me with a curve in the story that had me actually yelling holy shit.  It was everything I love in a good book – suspense, romance, a twist, hot sex. Bring on the next one!

Rating: A+

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When Day Breaks
by Maya Banks
Release Date: June 24, 2014
Publisher: Penguin

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