Review: Winning Miss Wakefield by Vivienne Lorret

winning miss wakefieldReviewed by Jen

Merribeth thought she had her entire life planned out.   After a longtime understanding with a childhood friend, she thought she would be married and have a stable future.  She had even made her own wedding dress.  But her life got turned on its ear when her intended told her he was in love with another woman and planned to make his future with her.

Now, Merribeth’s on the edge of society, with tongues wagging about what she could have done to make her man cry off.  She has no prospects and is on the verge of social ruin. Until her aunt’s old friend Eve comes up with a plan to win Clairmore back and restore her reputation. The idea is to make him jealous. Flirt with a rake. Gain some confidence. And soon Clairmore will see the error of his ways and leave his new love behind.

It just so happens that she finds herself alone with the rakish Bane, Lord Knightswold, straight away.  Eve’s ideas, combined with his enticing words, and assuredly touchable hair, make her bold enough to kiss him.  But her sense and upbringing keep their liaison short, and she flees, never expecting to see him again.

Of course, that’s not the end.  A house party throws the two of them back together for two long weeks, but it seems that nothing can ever come of the attraction between them. For one thing, Bane has never been interesting in debauching an innocent… And for another, he has forsworn marriage and plans never to continue his family line.  So their flirtations can take them nowhere.  Or can they?

I found that I enjoyed the story more than I thought I would, but my feelings for it did not go deep.  Merribeth is very not developed as a character… she is kind of benign. But I was interested in Bane.  His backstory is well fleshed out and I understood his anger and desire for revenge.  Of course, the wrongs done to him in his past made me want him to find the happiness that have escaped him for so long.  The progression of his relationship with Merribeth was fairly predictable, but I did enjoy the journey.  There is some fairly good sexual tension between them –and I could feel his resolve falter just a little more every time they are together.

I felt like the foil to their relationship was a little weak and felt somewhat contrived.  The villain’s motivation didn’t make sense and for all of the teeth gnashing, it all worked out rather easily.  It wasn’t bad… like I said, I enjoyed it.  It was a pleasant afternoon read. It just wasn’t very deep and my enjoyment was largely superficial.

Rating: B-

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Winning Miss Wakefield
by Vivienne Lorret
Release Date: June 10, 2014
Publisher: Avon Impulse

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