Carrie’s DNFs of 2014: Part 1

how to master your marquisBy Carrie

I hate hate DNFing a book.  Usually, I will put it down and try to come back to it later because sometimes I’m just not in the right frame of mind to read that particular book.  This is an unusually large amount of books for me to not finish and I hope the latter half of the year will be better.

How to Master Your Marquis by Juliana Gray (DNF at 46%) The blurb was intriguing and the author often comes high praised.  This may be a case of just not for me.  For nearly half the book, the reader sits in on this boring trial with flashback scenes that didn’t connect to the present.  I suppose if I would have stuck with it, things would’ve been explained in the end, but if I’m at the halfway point and bored, I’ve got to move on.

(Fangs Wings and Fairy Dust gave it 5 stars. Check out their review for a different take.)

pleasures of springThe Pleasures of Spring by Evie Hunter (DNF at 48%) I feel like I was tricked into reviewing this book. The publicist said nothing about this being the 4th book in the series and I felt quite lost as there was a lot happening from the opening pages. When I say a lot, I mean that emphatically.  There are multiple plot lines that are so intercrossed; I had trouble figuring out who or what goes where. Throw in a random sex scene in the middle of the action and that’s describing the first half.  I might’ve kept with the book if it wasn’t so confusing.

(The Up All Night Book Blog gave it 4 stars. Click here to check out their review.)

Narcoleptic HookerNarcoleptic Hooker by Emma Janson (DNF at 24%) I knew when I accepted this book for review, there was a high probability that it might turn out this way.  The book’s own title immediately conjures some opinions.  However, I kept an open mind from the moment I started it.  I was hoping that it was going to be a funny raunchy tongue-in-cheek kind of book.  Unfortunately, it tried too hard to be those things and just came off awkward and contrived.

(A reviewer at the BookieMonster made it to the end. You can check out the review here.)

viper's runViper’s Run by Stephanie Tyler (DNF at 20%) I was really excited for another MC book I could get into by a trusted author.  I tried 3 times to read this and had to stop.  The heroine talks to the hero over the phone for a few minutes and suddenly she’s madly in love and on suicide watch because he hasn’t returned. The histrionics only go up from there.  I can deal with instalove but this was on a whole other level and it didn’t even make sense.  I couldn’t read one more word.

(You can see what others are saying about it on Goodreads.)

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  1. Carrie – I cried, I laughed, then I was rolling on the floor by the time you go to the Narcoleptic Hooker…

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