Review: A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin by Sophie Jordan

good debutanteReviewed by Jen

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about a romance involving a step-brother and sister pairing.  It could easily get squicky.  Not only did this romance avoid any gross-out factor, I found it very engaging. There is just the right amount of longing and self-denial, mixed up with some delicious sexual tension.  It really worked for me.

Rosalie has spent the past seven years at boarding school –that’s two years longer than she was supposed to stay. Two years after graduation; two years without anyone paying tuition; two years with no word from her mother.  She has nowhere to go except to her step-brother and childhood friend, Declan, who is now Duke of Banbury.  To call her arrival a surprise would be an understatement. Declan had not thought of the young girl he called “Carrots” in years.  She was too inexorably linked to her mother, the viper who turned his father against him and made his life miserable.   So his reunion with Rosalie is nothing like she had hoped for.

Despite his misgivings, he does his duty and invites her to stay in his home while he searches for her mother.  And that morphs into a plan to marry her off.  But somehow along the way, he begins to remember why they were once so close. Even more, he begins to burn for her, against his better judgment.

I ended up really liking both Rosalie and Declan. He was, indeed, a bit of a jerk in the beginning but we learn, he has just cause.  The more I got to know him, the more I started to started to see his feelings for Rosalie as a bit of a miracle.  I loved the way the author brings them together physically in the early.  The private club… the masks… it was all very sexy and really amped up the tension when we saw them together again in daily life.

Rosalie is a good blend of practical, fiery, and adventurous.  With the mother she has and the abandonment she has faced, it would be easy for her to be a whiner, but she is not.  I loved how she stood up for herself and her future. And I loved, loved, loved her interactions with Declan.

This book scored with me in character development, romance, and physical intimacy. If the step-sibling thing doesn’t bother you, I suggest you give this one a shot.

Rating: B+

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A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin
by Sophie Jordan
Release Date: July 29, 2014
Publisher: Avon


  1. Great review!! I just started this one, so I am excited to read it, and every book from this author I have read I have loved, so I am hoping I will like this as much as you did. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one. Happy Reading

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