Review: Four Weddings and A Fiasco: The Wedding Date by Katy Regnery

four weddingsReviewed by Shelly

This novella by Kate Regnery is my first from her and I certainly didn’t expect to get weepy over a short story. Yet again, I’m surprised when I read a novella, the land of the quick, down and dirty, and get a decent storyline. Now that doesn’t mean I wasn’t clamoring for one because I really was. This is part of Amazon’s Kindle world where authors are picking up from other authors stories. This particular series is about the ‘Four Weddings and A Fiasco series by Lucy Kevin ’ at the Rose Chalet – I can’t tell you anything of value about that series because I’ve not read any of them but I can tell you that you can read this as a stand-alone because I did and enjoyed it tremendously.

Told over a few days in the life of college students, Jasmine and Robert – this is basically a YA/NA. The heat is low but the story content is high. Jasmine’s sister, Anne, is getting married and although she doesn’t believe in weddings, she’s attending because her sister asked. There’s a nice backstory of the sisters’ relationship and how they came to meet. Even though I’ve not read Anne’s story I didn’t feel left out because I really wanted to know about Jasmine more than Anne – yes, I was completely vested in Jasmine’s story.

Jasmine is a curvy girl. She’s got her reasons for being that way, all stemming from some old hurts that she can’t seem to let go. Had she been older, I would have told her to suck it up and move on but she’s young still and I remember those angsty days of trying to fit in and then deciding that maybe it’s not worth it. Sometimes the weight suffers because of those choices. I liked her.

I liked Robert much more than I thought I would. His voice was well written. His story was equally as interesting and I fell for him – hook, line and sinker. His old ways are gone and he’s only interested in not repeating any of his old mistakes; he wants to make his mother and stepfather proud and find a woman to like (then love) him. What a guy! For someone as young as he, it was pleasant to read that he knows what he wants. It happens more that we might realize, I’ve met a lot of young people with a life plan – they get derailed but they just hop right back on the train and keep their head up and keep going. That’s what Robert did. I enjoyed getting to know these two and if you’re in the mood for an entertaining read with a good storyline I would recommend that you give this one a read.

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Rating: B

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Four Weddings and A Fiasco: The Wedding Date
by Kate Regnery
Release Date: June 26, 2014
Publisher: Kindle Words

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