Review: Fueled by Lust: Severus by Celeste Prater

severusReviewed by Shelly

I’m enjoying this series; tremendously. This picks up immediately after the first story. If you’ve not read the first in the series, I think you should, because Prater doesn’t go over the information that’s already been established in that story. This novella – which I enjoyed much better that the first, and I enjoyed that one a lot – takes place over more time and the development of the relationship is more in the romance category and what I’ve come to expect from erotica. I thought the progression of Severus and Cassie’s relationship was quite well done.

As a protector of the future King of Insedivertus, Severus has his job cut out for him. As the best friend of the future King of Insedivertus, Severus wants the same thing that Drusus has – a mate. Unfortunately for Severus he’s seen what losing a mate can do and he’s adamant about not suffering the way that the men from his planet did (and still do) with the loss of the female population on their planet. So it’s not that he doesn’t want a mate, he’s just running scared. Cassie is the best friend to Drusus’s mate, Avelina. Cassie’s hard shell disguises a very gentle soul. She’s been irrevocably hurt by the people who should love her unconditionally. After getting over their mutual hesitation about being together because of their roles in Drusus and Avelina’s life it was a blast watching them go from unfriendly to friendly. The expansion of the characters and the plot worked very well for me.

As in the Drusus and Avelina’s story, there’s a pleasant amount of life outside of the couple and that makes for a fun ride and read. We get to see more of Severus’s friends and his life outside of being a protector. His relationships with his fellow Insedi give further testament of him being a good guy who will stand by his friends and vice versa. I especially enjoyed the close relationship that he and his prince maintained, and by default, Avelina.

Cassie was the same person from the first story. She’s still feisty, mouthy, and loyal to the one person who has stuck by her – Avelina. I really liked her, more so that Avelina actually. There’s a sense of vulnerability that I found in her character that was quite charming. Her blatant need to feel loved came through even as she fought it. I never once thought she was overdoing or whining.

One of the many things that I liked about the story and this couple was that they didn’t jump into bed. Their sexual relationship happened after a friendship was formed. There was enough tension and chemistry which was ample to keep me turning the pages wondering how these two stubborn people would finally relent. Once they did though, Severus was quite delicious in his naughtiness. I’m not saying that he was a freak because he wasn’t, but he (and Cassie too) did enjoy his boudoir talk and that made for a good read. Thank goodness that Cassie didn’t immediately fall at Severus feet; as a matter of fact, he had to work a little extra hard when some others showed interest in Cassie.

The outside force in the action and suspense plotline made for interesting reading because I was completely shocked – I didn’t see it coming at all because Prater had me completely distracted. Well done!

This story is quite a bit longer that the first, but it’s still a quick read as things happen quickly. If you’re in the mood for a quick, fun and sexy read with a dirty-talking protector who is completely infatuated with his mate you’re going to like this one. Cato’s story is coming up next and that overgrown tattooed and pierced individual is already on my radar.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B+

*Book provided by author for review

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Fueled by Lust: Severus
by Celeste Prater
Release Date: February 11, 2014
Publisher: Siren


  1. Wow! I loved reading your review! Awesome rating, too! Again, you have me grinning like a loon and doing a little happy dance next to my desk. . Thanks for this!!! 🙂


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