Review: Gift of Desire by Samantha Kane and Kate Pearce

gift of desireReviewed by Shelly

THE GIFT by Samantha Kane

A novella from one of my favorite authors, The Gift is short and take place in 1817 over a few hours in a day. I didn’t like it at all. This is the second novella from Kane that I thought was not to my taste. Considering I’m such a big fan of her Brothers In Arms series, the earlier ones anyway, as I stopped reading after book 8, I’m pretty confident that her writing style is something that I enjoy. This story left me flat and without any emotion other than – well that was quick.

There’s some backstory told as memories of Rhys, Jeremy and Cordelia’s past. But Rhys and Jeremy have been gone for a whole year. They’ve been held prisoners for ransom and developed a sexual relationship during that time. All the while, Cordelia’s been at home grieving for both of them as she’s been (quite conveniently I might add) in love with them. That basically sets the stage for the guys return and the quick bedroom shenanigans, and when I say quick I mean the same night the guys return Jeremy’s so convinced that his wife will be so hot for a menage that he can’t help but encourage it that same night. Hogwash!

Rating: D

MY HEART’S DESIRE by Kate Pearce

This is my first story by this author and I thought the better of the two stories. This is a very short read, less than half the pages are dedicated for this story and that’s not counting the interviews and promo for other stories. Caroline is a widow who lives with her sister. She’s lived there since the passing of her husband but she knows it’s time to move out as her sister is a tad bit too stifling and controlling. During a party that her sister should be hosting, Caroline is reintroduced to her old friend, Jasper. I’m not sure why Jasper was at the party – coincidently as a guest or purposefully to see Caroline.

There was a bit of character development that I could see trying to break through. But I never got past Caroline’s scars. I wish this story was longer because I love a good scar story, just always so much angst. Overall, the reduced plot line and minimal character development really didn’t for me because it wasn’t until the last two pages when I started to like Caroline and Jasper. I could see Caroline trying to have a bit of spunk when it came to Jasper’s sudden attention but by then the story was over. Even Jasper’s devil-may-care attitude was starting to have some rational and pick up some steam but alas it was too late.

Rating: C-

Happy Reading Folks!

Overall Rating: C-/D

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The Gift of Desire
by Samantha Kane & Kate Pierce
Release Date: November 6, 2014

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