Review: Keep Me Closer by Rhyannon Byrd

keep me closerReviewed by Jaimie

Break out the fan before reading this hot hot book by Rhyannon Byrd!  Keep Me Closer is the third book in Byrd’s Dangerous Tides series and is probably one of the sexiest books I’ve read this year.  Alex Hudson, the brother of Ben Hudson, the sheriff from the first book in the series and therapist Brit Cramer were a totally loveable couple who had chemistry off the charts.  The book has plenty of suspense, lots of emotional baggage to work through and an alpha male who has met his match.

In his former life, Alex Hudson was a married Orlando police detective.  After catching his wife in bed with one of his fellow officers (one of many), he self destructs, losing his job and drowning himself in a bottle.  After cleaning himself up and getting sober he relocates to Moss Beach where he has become a private investigator.  Alex has sworn off love and keeps his relationships strictly physical, never having trouble finding a willing partner.

Brit Cramer is a therapist and a close friend of Alex’s brother and his wife, who has moved to Moss Beach after an unpleasant break-up.  She is an intelligent, beautiful woman who, despite being insanely attracted to Alex, holds a grudge for the way he treated Ben’s wife when they first met.  Brit has found herself the target of a deeply disturbed former patient who has become obsessed with her.  When Ben asks Alex to keep an eye on her while he’s away with his wife, Alex is convinced it is a ploy to throw him and the doctor together.  He agrees to watch out for her but he doesn’t take the threat against her seriously.  That allows the patient to attempt to kidnap Brit, but Alex is able to intervene before she gets  hurt.

When it becomes clear that Brit’s stalker knows where she lives, Alex takes her to stay with him but the close quarters make it impossible for them to resist the sizzling chemistry they have.  The two finally give in to their attraction and the sex is mind blowing for both of them.  A lot of times I skim through sex scenes because when you’ve read as many as I have, they can become repetitive and boring.  This time I read every word of those scenes and whether it was because of the connection that had been built between them, or just the way Byrd writes, they were steamy and sexy and didn’t feel like I had read the same thing a hundred times before.

As the psychotic patient becomes more unhinged, he steps up his threats and his attempts to get at Brit.  Alex takes her out of town to not only keep her safe, but take her mind off it all and while they are in Miami, Brit gets to see a more playful, less guarded side of him.  Despite the fact that she is falling in love with him, Brit decides to just enjoy the time she has with Alex and deal with the heartache later.  For his part, Alex knows that something is different about his relationship with the voluptuous doctor but, of course, he refuses to acknowledge it.

Alex’s brothers and Ben’s wife Reese can clearly see that he has fallen for Brit, but he is so determined to fight it that he pushes her away.  There is a cute scene with Reese telling Alex off and it is clear that the issues they had with each other in the first book have been resolved.  He can see how happy and in love his brother is but is still convinced that love is not worth it.  I loved the relationship between the brothers and I’m sure Mike’s book will be just as fun.

Despite the fact that he goes out of his way to push Brit away, you can’t help but love Alex.  He’s definitely an alpha, dominant man but until now, he had never met his match.  Brit is not a super skinny heroine which I liked since not every woman has a perfect body, but I also loved her intelligence, independence and the fact that she didn’t just roll over and play dead for him.  She sees through his gruff nature to the man beneath and gives her heart to him knowing it may end in heartache.  They were a great match for each other!

If you like romantic suspense books combined with loveable characters and chemistry that jumps out of the pages, then you will enjoy this book.  Byrd’s writing style has me hooked and I’m really looking forward to the next installment.

Rating: B+

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Keep Me Closer
by Rhyannon Byrd
Release Date: June 3, 2014
Publisher: Berkley Trade

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