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lostReviewed by Jaimie

I’m on a roll right now with some really great romantic suspense books and this one fit right in.  Lost is the second book in the Dobbs Hollow series by Laura K. Curtis and revolves around Tara, a police officer that abandoned her career after a costly mistake, and Jacob, a determined FBI agent.  Ordinarily I would not read a “cult” book, but the blurb drew me in and I’m glad I gave it a shot.  A good blurb is so important!
After her friend Lucy almost died while Tara was on the job, she handed in her badge and walked away from the law.  While working at a restaurant she meets Andrea, a sweet if naive woman and the two become fast friends.  Andrea begins attending a ranch run by a “spiritual group” that her cousin is a part of, and Tara goes with her a few times to be supportive.  When Andrea drops off the radar and cannot be reached, Tara leaves her belongings and life as she knows it behind and becomes a member of the Chosen to find out what happened to her friend.  Since she had been there before visiting, they easily accepted her in to the group.

When Lucy (the heroine from the first book in the series Twisted)  doesn’t hear from Tara, she and her husband ask FBI Agent Jacob Nolan to go undercover and pull her out.  After deliberately being cruel to Tara out of guilt, Jacob has been anxious to make amends with her.  When he finds out that no one has heard from her, he quickly creates a fake identity and background and joins the group.  With no backup available, the pair are on their own but things are not adding up with the Chosen and they set out to figure out what the group is up to.

After being a Chosen for months, Tara, or as she’s know now, Selena, is no closer to finding out what happened to her friend.  The official line is that Andrea and her cousin decided to leave and no one knows where they have gone.  Tara knows that there is no truth to that, but she is determined to stick it out to get to the bottom of things.  At dinner one evening she is stunned to see Jacob introduced to the group as their newest member but at first the pair pretend not to know each other.  When it becomes obvious that they do have history, they create a cover story that Tara fled and joined the community after Jacob was unfaithful. As they get closer to the truth of what the leaders of the Chosen are up to, Tara and Jacob must rely on each other as much as their own instincts.

I haven’t read the first book in the series but thankfully I was able follow along with no difficulty.  We learn enough about the interactions between Jacob and Tara that occurred in Twisted, that I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.  Both characters were relatable and likeable and there was a good balance of the progression of their relationship and the suspense of taking the Chosen down.  The story was fast paced and well written, and I thought it was a fair assessment of the reality of cults.  Curtis didn’t set out to make all religious groups appear evil, and highlights that the majority of the members are self-sufficient, hard-working people.

Overall I really enjoyed the story and the main characters and this is a series I will continue to follow.  It was my first experience with Curtis’ writing and I would definitely check out her future work.

Rating: B

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by Laura K. Curtis
Release Date: May 20, 2014
Publisher: InterMix

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